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Daksinamurti - Creating Sacred Space Pt1 (2014)


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Creating Sacred Space


This first part of a multi hour set comes in a forest friendly daytime outfit, a good dose of groove transitioning into more uplifting hypnotic soundscapes and beyond. This contemporary tale wants to give back a little bit of magic to our modern civilization, which in many ways works on fear - leaving one with the impression that the world is an unsafe, hostile place. To be healthy, man has to experience the setting we are designed for: nature.
Since the early days of mankind and in many shamanic rituals, sacred space is created by invocating the spirits of the four cardinal directions - South, West, North, and East - as well as the sky (father) and earth (mother). These share the basic concept that all of life is inter-related and inter-dependent and everyone within protected. Also sacred architecture, like temples and places of worship, function in a similar way - making "transparent the boundary between matter and mind, flesh and the spirit." It is the invitation to retreat deep into the wilderness, sacrificing modern comforts for the benefits of greater autonomy and freedom, proclaiming new (old) forms of communal space for gathering and participation. By opening sacred space we leave behind profane affairs of ordinary life and allow us to enter our inner worlds. Unfortunately, laws and regulations as well as commercial interests often contradict and sabotage these needs making it a highly political affair to create new and sustain the last existing spaces. Creating sacred space by providing a place for dance, laughter and worship, could be the remedy of our time and carries the ability to repair, harmonize and even bring around healing.

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