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Shamanizm Parallelii - The World In A Drop Of Rain [Neogoa]

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With great pleasure I can announce the new album of SHAMANIZM PARALLELII (a Russian psychedelic rock, downtempo, and dub band founded by Pavel Yashan and Arkadii Tronets) on Neogoa. Exact release date alongside with tracklist will be posted very soon. The artwork and short audio preview can be found below.




You can check out the full track and downloadit at Soundcloud page, link here.


Their first appereance on Neogoa was full lenght album Psychedelic Dreams, which can be downloaded at Ektoplazm for FREE.


*** Interested reviewers and radio hosts, feel free to contact me for the promotional package (including mastered WAV files alongside with high-resolution artwork and info) here on Psynews or via my email: iparic70@gmail.com

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Exclusive download for track #3 'United Spirit' from the forthcoming Shamanizm Parallelii album entitled ''The World In A Drop Of Rain''. Written and produced by Arkadiy Tronets (electronic instruments, mixing and mastering), Paul Yashan (sitar, guitars, lyrics, vocals) featuring Sergey Kovalchuk on electric guitar.





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