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i know, thanks for reminding me, i just got to dam many, and the psytrance ones are the only ones i know i can move quickly

without months of discogs packing and sending etc. (will be a minimum of 3 like last time)


yeah it's money again, trying to change my situation, but the bonus will be less clutter


who here are into buying cd's in the other genres?


will be some metal, but mainly electro, drum n bass, rock etc,

obviously postage can be issues, but if someone doesn't mind could do a stack without jewels, will be considerably less?


anyway will prob be at least couple of thousand, so if any big spenders out there, want to buy a collection or part of...... think you lot know i give good deals


some here have already got some pre orders in from the " can no longer get because discogs bleeds us for them" disks


but will try to make it fair as i can, without comprimising reasons for doing this

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ok am compiling my list in next few days and will list next week

you people who have already given your offers on the ultra rare stuff have been contacted via email, am going to try to make this as fare as possible, but have already been aproached by private collectors already (holy shit word gets out fast) and have had some big offers, hence am giving friends here on psynews first chance, but this has to be worth my while so will still be taking highest offers via my hotmail (last time my psynews inbox got smashed)

all the rest and there is alot, i will list prices and conditions.


and yes will probably regret one day but if i die tomorrow, 2 members here on psynews would get given the lot anyway


will be some metal and drum n bass. balance we should try to do a bulk lot theres most ltj bukem/big bud etc, metal is all sorts


and if anyone is interested in old techno/trance (reactivate series/test,platipus etc

hard dance/trance (got all tinrib, lab 4, k90 etc)

big beat dope on plastic/rae n christian

and entire renaissance collection

various others

let me know, don't want to list for no reason, as i got so much


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am still in the middle of grading cd's (taking awhile)

have come accross alot that, have quite few scratches and marks (play fine of course)

would you lot still be interested in cd's of this condition ie good, good plus etc?

obviously will sell for much cheaper, but don't want to go to all the trouble and no one want them


am talking about oldschool






some comps


alot are in vg plus to near mint


then new school

most suntrip (sorry guys)

stuff in recent 10 years, which will all be going for cheap


is this worth my while??

are you lot out thete interested?

the more replys and interest more likely i am to push on



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