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Artist: Hardfloor

Title: The Art of Acid

Label: Hardfloor.de

Date: April, 2014


1. Tweakend

2. Necessary Roughness

3. The Art of Acid

4. Dark Shadow

5. Rwndrb

6. P.E.L.F.

7. Analogue Bubbletea

8. Bubble & Sqeak

9. Swag My Glitch Up

10. TB Continued



I like art





That sh*t's funny.


Whether it's sculpture, painting, musical,




Or whatever the f*ck this is, it will always be subjective. Some will love it and some are gonna despise it. Having discovered Solar Quest and their album Acidophilez I've been digging some acid trance. Goa fans will no doubt be drawn to the use of the 303. I sure was. Hadrfloor is a German duo that seem to be the gods of the genre.




My lord knoweth how to get down!



Their style is a heaping helping of 303's followed up by more 303's in repetitive phrases that can be funky as hell. Each track delivers bouncy beats along with that hallowed sound that can go from bubbly to dangerously acidic. This is their latest album and tracks like Necessary Roughness will get you all twisted up like a pretzel. The break beat on Rwndrb and Analogue Bubbletea are so head noddingly delicious I never wanted them to end. Bubble and Squeak is so wobbly Thailand better put up new tsunami warnings.


Look it's not rocket science. Percussion and a bass synthesizer. Well, maybe six of them. With such a limited sound palette you'd think it would get old very quickly, but no. Either they come out with guns a blazing or they build up that tension until you're caught up in the euphoria. By that time it's too late.


They got you bro.


The beats are designed to shake what yo momma gave you and each track is meant to be blasted at a party. They must be armpit deep in slutty groupie tail. Magnificent bastards.


Got a few lb's to lose? Know some hot chicks? Make a run to the liquor store and let's get this party started.









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Great review, had a lot of fun reading that! These guys are on my list now, definitely interested, had not heard of them before this point.

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