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Return to the Source 21st Anniversary Reunion - Friday 1st August 2014 - Electric Brixton, London

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Friday 1st August 2014

Electric Brixton, Town Hall Parade, London, SW2 1RJ


21 years after their original collaboration RTTS are reuniting for a special party celebration at Brixton’s Electric, formerly known as The Fridge and home to one of their famous residencies.

In keeping with the original ethos of their parties, the venue will be converted into a modern day dance temple. A huge seven-pointed star will be marked out on the dance floor. Shamans will bless the space with sacred water from Glastonbury, incantations and incense; crystals will be placed at specific locations around the dance floor to focus the positive energy; thus creating the intentional Sacred Trance Floor which provided the foundation for the legendary RTTS events.

The room will be decorated with fluorescent images depicting The Ancients; including Pagan, Native American, Mayan and Extra-Terrestrial deities, and the trance will begin with a colour coded guided journey through the Chakras by Leyola Antara of the Sushumna Ritual Dance Theatre and author of Kundalini Dance, Sacred Alchemical Evolutionary Keys.

The whole night will be a magical indoor festival comprising fire performers, drum ritual, flying angels, market stalls and Chai tea served in the Ambient Café; and fresh fruit supplied to party-goers as they leave.

Line up:

Dance Temple:
Deck Wizards: Tsuyoshi Suzuki (Matsuri/Joujuka/Prana)
(accompanied by battling classical string ensemble Jayju and Marsha)
Mark Allen
John Phatasm (Phantasm Records)
Shakti (Trancedance)

Live on Stage:
Man With No Name
Medicine Drum

Ambient Café:
Dr Alex Paterson (The Orb)
Mixmaster Morris
Pathaan (globectronica.org)
Paul Thomas
A –Thousand Eyes
Live PA by Kaya Project

Doors 10pm - 7am


Tickets £15 in Advance available from



Cash Sales available from
Access All Areas - Camden Lock
+44 (0)20-7267 8320

+44 (0)20-7267 6148
Open Mon-Sat 12pm - 7pm


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