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Summer Solstice 2014 at DI.fm


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I have been looking around for news on this event, hoping it is still going to happen but I am not sure. I already requested the weekend of June 20-22 off from work, hehe. Anyone know what's happening?

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woa! didnt expect to see this as a thread. Good to see you again Exotic ^_- oh the event is still happening and I even got some invites out to some artists so a surprise mix or two still to come ;D I got Audialize for the event 8) I was with Shoom & Bloodwing (who run the goa/psy channel) in early May and they mentioned an artist or two but last I new the mixes were never submitted. Either way, lots of dj's have got their own mixes in.

ps- I been slacking but need to motivate myself to get a mix done in time this year ;O


Johnb820- do you have a FB account to follow the event page here?



and seeing you are in NY come to this event in August 8)


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haha! the add quoted? ;p well - got a mix for this year.

just need to get one night off work I hope. then i can catch more than last year.


and here is the line-up (no time slots yet) so far - I will make an official thread in the party section as the date gets nearer

Gus Till (Flying Rhino Records)
Lisa Lashes (Lashed Music, Pharmacy Music)
Goasia (Soundmute Recordings)
Jikooha (Panorama Records)
Rastaliens (Boom! Records)
Electrypnose (Electrypnosis Media)
Audialize (Spectral Records, AudioLabs)
Ka-Sol (Suntrip Records)
Tal Cohen Alloro (Krembo Records)
Ocean Star Empire (Pure Chords)
Zirrex (Hado Records)
Via Axis (Sangoma Records)
Shiva3 (Space Baby Records)
Trinodia (Ovnimoon Records)
Opsy (Soundmute Recordings)
M-Run (Cronomi Records)
Onionbrain (Uroboros Records)
Annunaki (Highly Evolved Music)
Daniel Lesden (JOOF Records)
Kri (T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi)
Tomocomo (Panorama Records)
DJ Solitare
Maiia (Mystic Sound Records, Ovnimoon Records, Altar Records)
Kahn (Pulsar Music, Solar Tech Records)
Matt With An S
Khromata (Pulse SF, Digital Om Productions)
Hanz Dwight (Pulsar Music)
Marsh (Goatranch.com)
Krikett (ZFG)
Tampered DNA (Soundkraft Records, Digitally Imported)
Stanislav Psyboy (Digitally Imported)
Horus (T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi, Digitally Imported)
Shoom (Suntrip Records, Digitally Imported)
Bloodwing (Digitally Imported)
Sanguine Mandragoa (Digitally Imported)

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I know someone is super excited ^_^:D

mmhmm! I was happy he was quick to respond to me and submit 8)!! I wont lie.. I already gave his mix a listen ;p And you should be just as excited too riiight? hahah!

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