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"V/A - Close Encounters Psychedelic Trance From Worlds Unknown


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Artist: Various

Title: Close Encounters - Psychedelic Trance From Worlds Unknown

Label: Hypnotic

Date: 1997


"Tell me something my friend. Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?"




Oh Hypnotic. Only you could make a 2 CD compilation of two artists. Sure there are multiple artist names, but it's still just two guys. Martin Nielsen and Michael Kjeldgaard. Apologies Martin I've never heard of you. But Michael...ah, Psygone by any other name is still Psygone. This is a compilation with acid trance, techno, dream trance...basically Hypnotic took all the sh*t in their pantry and made a f*cking casserole.


And let me tell you there's a lot of generic sh*t (most of it from Martin) to be found here as if they got their hands on a Roland MC-505 and recorded the preset sounds and patterns. Believe me when I say my finger was constantly hovering like a Japanese tiger mom over the skip button as a lot of this is really terrible. Even Michael recycles sounds on his tracks, but by Hans Christian Andersen he still shows why he's Psygone. That snap crackle pop of his 303 is the real deal on tracks like Tasmania and Stripped. But if you're looking for Optimystique then get your sad face on because you will be disappointed. Even the goa nature is tempered by house or dream trance. Flow? You better take that cohesive idea somewhere else.


But for those of us on the hunt for the elusive white whale of storming goa that hasn't been fished out of the ocean of mediocrity this is a boot at the end of your fishing line.



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