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Artist: Symbiote

Title: Symbiote EP

Label: DAT Records

Date: April, 2014


1. Phantasmagoria

2. Tiara

3. Abstraktd






Draeke (Federico if you're nasty) is the head of DAT Records and has played an integral role in today's goa trance most notably in making the old new again. The results have been nothing more than spectacular with releases from old school masters like Blue Planet Corporation, Crop Circles, and the massive Etnica double CD. He's like the six million dollar man making old music better. Stronger. More awesome.


Every conversation I've ever had with him has been polite and enjoyable. He seems to really enjoy what he does and is probably having the time of his life. If I lived in Europe and didn't have these anchors known as children perhaps we'd travel the highways together in a van solving mysteries. We would make money by him playing festivals and I of course would play robin hood, taking advantage of the burgeoning organ black market by swiping kidneys from criminals and rich a**holes to give to poor orphans. Ah, but that's a story for another time.




Symbiote is Samuel Cote from Quebec in the state north of my country that doesn't realize it's only a matter of time before it becomes assimilated into the borg. Originally made in 97 (I smell classic) Draeke gave it the DAT treatment and voila we have another EP in the arsenal. And another withdrawl from my bank account.


So did he strike gold again and become the 50 ft tall jewel encrusted golden giant? Well, yes and no. Phantasmagoria is everything you could hope for. Ridiculous layers, absurd length fostering the creation of said layers, and the whole thing crackles with an intense energy that sears everything it touches. It's insanely driving music that I have never heard before. It reminds me of this one off track. Delicious!


Tiara is even longer, but lacks the intensity of the first track. It's veeeeery repetitive and has more in common with dream trance than goa. Nowhere near as interesting.


Which brings me to Abstraktd. The final track that drones on for almost 15 minutes at a slower speed increasing in volume to an almost abrasive level. My least favorite here.


So for me this wasn't up the usual DAT standards. But hey Michael Jordan never met a shot he didn't like, but that didn't stop him from taking them. And we all know how that turned out. I don't know if he is still making music, but it would be interesting to hear what he could do with improved technology. Even though I didn't care for this EP, Phantasmagoria is a track that you should hear.


Nay...a track that you must hear.



DAT Records








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Worth it for Phantasmagoria. Tiara isn't all that bad either. Abstraktd is also my least favourite here...


Nevertheless, if you're a goa freak then there's no question you want this.

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Thanks for the honest feedback, but as all is subjective, as I have to say that Tiara grew on me up to the point where I like it more than Phantasmagoria...


Long ago in '98 I had the same reaction as you guys but nowadays the buildup till the wonderful finale with all the swirls and the layers makes it the track i really like the most of the EP and that brought tears to my eyes when heard for the first time in all it's glory courtesy of the great makeover it got from Samuel :).


Abstraktd is a difficult track, surely most oriented for people of the tracking scene and for who used to listen to primitive forms of electronic trance and ambient and dare to say chip-tunish, but I like it as well and think it deserved to be on the EP as the closure of this psychedelic chapter.


@Trance2moveU: I had massive laughs reading about your master-plan about the Van and well, it would have been awesome and fun to do that :D... I'd be very happy to meet you whenever you'd visit old Europe! And thanks also for the awesome reviews you always give, wohoo!!

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Nice review. i agreed with some of what you said, and I do note that from previous reviews from T2MU you don't always enjoy lenghtier tracks of 10 minute or more. This music reminds me much more of wht was referred to as rave" in the 90's at the gigs I dj'd at. It was more a mix of styles and I can hear in these tracks more than just goa or psy. It's wonderful music, but I really need to almost prepare my mind and ears to listent o it. It doesn't just flow like so much else in this genre. It's an intensive experience but it is laid out as a wonderful journey when in the right mood.


IMO it's not my fav release from DAT, but I don't enjoy the BPC release t all so this for me is still one of the better releases. Keep up the good work DAT & here's hoping you can influence other still for a reissue of MR1 please!!

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Honestly I simply love this EP. I was so happy reading about it being released on DAT. Never had I thought that some tracks from the tracker world would see the light being released on an actual CD. Tiara is and was one of my absolute favourite goaish tunes. I still ghave ot the FastTracker files and the WAV files exported from MadTracker from the time I was using that software to make tunes. Thank you very much for releasing this Draeke!

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