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Somnesia (4th album)

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Hi Everyone!!

Somnesia is proud to present you his new opus. Astral Dream is a collection of 9 organic goa trance tunes that will immerse us own subconscious. This odd music, halfway between old school and new school, will hypnose you with its surprising evolving melodies.

This acid, craggy & rough-hewn sound, will make you borrow dizzying tunnels. His tracks will make you realize that between you and the dream, there is only one step.


Label: Dimensional Records

Mastering: Fobi

Artwork: Shahar Garda

Format: Digital



1.Still Asleep [1'56'']

2.In Search Of Our Origin (album edit) [9'38'']

3.Cognitive Emotion [9'34'']

4.Abyss Of Dreams [9'12'']

5.Illusi_Om [8'42'']

6.Desert Moon [10'00'']

7.Wind Melody (album edit) [10'40'']

8.Interstellar Harmonics [8'54'']

9.Door Of Perception [10'41'']





-----> adventure continues with "Cosmic Resonance".

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Will this be the last track? What a beautiful closer, if it is....

Yes, this is the last track. I start at the end :P


Thanx a lot!! This downtempo is so ethereal.... Waiting track number 8..... Really really heavy ;)

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Astral Dream CD available 6th january!!

What are your favorite tracks on this new album? 👽


Full album here:



-1.Still Asleep [1'56'']

-2.In Search Of Our Origin (album edit) [9'38'']

-3.Cognitive Emotion [9'34'']

-4.Abyss Of Dreams [9'12'']

-5.Illusi Om [8'42'']

-6.Desert Moon [10'00'']

-7.Wind Melody (album edit) [10'40'']

-8.Interstellar Harmonics [8'54'']

-9.Door Of Perception [10'41'']



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Pffff !!??? Nothing !!! ;)

Great day for the french Goa vibes !


I'll ordered this one today !!! Good job as usual ! See you soon at Magic SphèreS" this summer ! :D


Ps : to be really honnest, i dislike the artwork but you know why... ;) But I doesn't matter ! We need Goa overall !

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