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Cosmikal Healling Music presents a unique Mexican underground psychedelic experience. 11 powerful and twisted darkpsy and psycore tracks compiled by Sick Brain & Akbal. Called Sanacion which means Healing, these tracks have been created with the purest intentions of ~healing~ with dark arts. Enjoy this blasting release and do give your feedback to Cosmikal Healing Musik.




Track List


~ Frog ~ Infect Insect 148 Bpm

~ Bones ~ Esqueletos en el Bosque 152 Bpm

~ Tykua Mk-Ultra ~ Cosmic healing therapies 152 Bpm

~ Cosmogonia feat Danta ~ Saturated 152BPM

~ Nyctophyllian OrchestrA ~ Lost in the sacred mountain 152 BPM

~ aGh0Ri TanTriK ~ Baap Rey Baap 152 BPM

~ Master Of Horror ~ Satanic Possession 170 Bpm

~ Miquiztli ~ I'm Death 170 Bpm

~ Angkor ~ Chailin 172 Bpm

~ Xhamanik Ritual ~ El Zenith del Zodiaco 175BPM

~ Akbal ~ Ceremonial Ayahuasca 180 Bpm


Download links at:


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