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Faders & Mental Broadcast - Psychedelic Theory

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Title: Faders & Mental Broadcast - Psychedelic Theory Catalog No.: DOPDIGI010

Format: Digital Online

Mastered by: Bart Xsi - XSI Mastering

Cover Art: Onam | Graphic Design

Distribution: BONZAI

Release Date:

Beatport Exclusive : 21/ 4 / 2014

iTunes & Rest of Digital shops worldwide : 5/5/2014




Track list :


01 Faders Vs Mental Broadcast - Psychedelic Theory


02 Sonic Species & Mental Broadcast - Receiver (Faders Remix)


03 Faders & Roger Rabbit - Lucid Dreams - (Mental Broadcast Remix)



About Ep :


Faders & Mental Broadcast join forces and create a 3 tracks Ep including a original track a remix to hit track between Mental Broadcast & Sonic Species and also eaturing a remix by Mental Broadcast to a collaboration track between Faders & Roger Rabbit.

Their new Theory is so good that it comes with a guarantee of quality music been delivered keeping the old school style but with some fresh new developments too which is expected to make some massive movement on all the global dance floors with idea of focusing on strong, mind-bending FX and highly detailed sonic manipulation which will whip a full-on serious psychedelic storm suitable for any dance floor and must have tracks for all the Dj bags.



Buy digitally online on Beatport :




Listen samples on :















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