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Awesome new dark progressive psy artist - "Kliment" (!)


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Just discovered this artist - killer dark and groovy style - kinda like Beat Bizarre but darker - superb music, really hypnotic and psychedelic.. He has released one album - "Empty Space" (2013) and some EPs.


Check it out:







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I really dig the track " See the fear" . Very macabre , in a good way.


He also released a chill out album "The Perpetual Ritual " back in 2009 which again is very good!

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The Empty Space album has some good tracks and the sound is more techno oriented. Kliment did an exclusive interview with the now defunct site Psybonsai, where he said:

"I wanted to run a little away from the old school progressive trance vibe, so after a few introductory tracks it goes more and more into a techno arrangement with psychedelic sounds appearing here and there".


I would like to read the entire interview. Does anyone know where to find it?

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great newish track from Kliment:


i have played this so many times, love the atmosphere and rhythms



he also has a great remix to Florian MSK's Ahriman Foundry track out

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