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Android Spirit - Synthetic Organism

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Artist: Android Spirit

Title: Synthetic Organism

Label: Timecode Records

Date: January 2014



1. Omdma
2. Kirobo The Robot
3. Swirl In Unity
4. Born In The Desert (feat. Distant Touch)

5. Targaryen Blood
6. High As A Kite
7. Freedom South Africa
8. Tokolojoe
9. Remember (Android Spirit edit) - Tickets








"B*itch get down here! Sh*t! This motherf*cker is heavy! Do you know how many D batteries I had to buy!?!"


Really think Apple missed the boat not using that as their slogan.



Anyway, Timecode.


The very name makes my windows rattle with anticipation. This label has been releasing albums true to the night time South African sound for over a decade. Trojan, The Turning, New Blood, both Retrospectives...and that's just some of the compilations. They're the Suntrip of the dark continent where each album is an almost instabuy. Having spoken at length with the guy who runs Timecode these days I can tell you that he is exceedingly nice and seems to have a direction for the label. And that's good. But in the world of psytrance where you're only as good as your last release what is in store for us the listening public?


Android Spirit is the teamup of Timecode mainstay Tickets (Josef Summs) and that very polite label manager Till Daksinamurti. If I'm being honest I would tell you that I'm unfamiliar with this project. Can't catch all the releases now can I? Do they bring back the glory days of Timecode or are they forging a new path?


Omdma- Chants. lasers, and eerie piano? Pretty cool and that's just the first track.


Kirobo the Robot- "Kirobo the Robot was exposed to zero gravity before being blasted into space."


And wouldn't you know it the f*cker left before paying the cable bill. This is dark with a chip on its shoulder that undergoes several twists. It has that massive Tickets sound all over it. Now we're talking.


Swirl in Unity- "No barrier, no boundaries...nothing to hold us down."


The acid is here so a good track, but not as engaging as some of the others. Perhaps a little too generic.


Born in the Desert- "If we ride together, we ride for justice!"


Apparently the sample was better than the Lone Ranger movie. With a Principles of Flight symphonic quality it's another dark and powerful track.


Targaryen Blood- "..."




Yeah, I have no f*cking idea what he was saying. Probably something about porn cause it's always about porn. Thumping like a migraine the leads echo with aggressive attitude. There is mucho adrenaline to be found here. This is what it would sound like if Leonidas was behind the decks.


High As a Kite- "You're high as a f*cking kite!"




"Oh man...I have no idea what's going on. So f*cking high right now. Are you going to the beach? Don't forget to...oh man...I don't remember how that goes." *Brushes self off* "Do I still look high?"


This one goes out to fans of Pineapple Express. The samples make it as it builds momentum and becomes a good rumbler.


Freedom South Africa- "It's easy to love people that's a long ways away from us. But can you love yourself?"


More rolling leads, lasers and thumping beats. This is what Timecode does and they do it well.


Tokolojoe- Ah the wild and unrestrained chaos is front and center with this juicy blaster. The layers coalesce into a nice yummy powerful track.


Remember (Android Spirit Edit)- "Time erases everything."




There are not enough f*cking erasers in the public school system to...Look, I'm no vet, but I think you're gonna need a lot more Conan.


The closer had rapid leads that were squeezed for all they were worth. As usual the bass was punchy and the acid splashed in nicely.



I was wondering if they still had it. Had some of the luster come off this diamond? The last few albums from Timecode weren't the bombastic breath stealers that were their trademark years ago. But times change and if you don't change with it your risk becoming a fossil and a relic. This release holds on to a lot of the stuff we love about the label. Great samples, hard beats, and acidic energy. Tracks were full and there wasn't much dead space to endure. The middle of the album flirted with some melodies that had me thinking about the beaches of goa. Don't know if that was intentional but perhaps that is a wrinkle to explore further. As a Goa lover I would appreciate that of course, but what this album did was to solidify their position. It's a quality release that hits hard and isn't mindless. While not perfect it still keeps them near the top of the game.







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"robotic music with human emotion"


perfect balance between driving full-on psy, acidic night-time power, subtle melodic hooks and some goa sprinkles here and there

at the top of this year's psytrance releases from the mothership of twilight trance

really, i cannot find a gripe here, the Android Spirits found a nice mixture of what classic psytrance is made of without bordering commercial full-on lala

curious to hear this on a proper sound system, at new year's eve this will get a few spins for sure


thanks Till and Tickets, kudos Timecode, and btw, great review MdK

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