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Artist: Various

Title: Colors of Goa

Label: Timewarp Records

Date: February, 2014


1. Ingenuous Curiosity

2. Mind Therapy

3. Dark side of the universe

4. Kalindian

5. Behind the wheel (2013)

6. Procyon

7. Gods of annihilation

8. Wibbly Wobbly

9. Ready to fly

10. Paranormal

11. Free your mind

12. Sand Planet

13. Kristallwald

14. Gemini Asteroid

15. Galanga

16. Universal Enlightenment

17. Solar Resonance (Live Mix)

18. Sojourn in Goa (2013)



"Children don't read horrorscopes."


True. But they do have accidents sometimes and sh*t their pants. And then proceed to track it all over the classroom floor. Bu, you know, since there was a birthday party the same day and chocolate cake was served nobody seemed to notice. Only when the teacher bent down to clean some of it up did she realize this was a whole different level of fudge. To find out who had the accident (think a 5 year old in a classroom of their friends is gonna tell you? You obviously don't have kids. I sh*t my pants once and as a last resort found refuge in a Taco Bell bathroom. I know right? My whole world was turned upside down. Everything was backwards. You don't normally have a pre-emptive smash at the Bell, they are usually the cause. Weirdly there was no line. I'm thinking they should just have a slide from your table to the crapper...just makes things flow better. But I digress...)


So the teacher brought each child behind a large easel to check their pants and not embarrass the culprit. Cause believe me, that is one insult that will stick with you right through high school. So of course the next day the school was flooded with questions from insane parents as to why a teacher was eating a sh*t sandwich in class and looking down precious Johnny's pants.


So yes children don't read horrorscopes but they do tell imaginative stories. Truth is stranger than fiction and this actually happened at my son's school last week.


Anyhoo (awkward pause and segue) Timewarp Records has really stepped in it now. Fresh off the heels of The Call of Goa comes another 2 CD album that you are going to want in your shiny "Get...those f*cking chocolate fingers away from my CD's!" collection.


*puts finger to ear to listen to producer.*


"No that's not what I...I'm sure they..."






Uh, about the chocolate fingers remark...I wasn't labeling black people as thieves. I mean c'mon, I'm not a Republican. My kids just had a few Hershey Kisses so they really did have, you know...chocolate fingers.


Timewarp is really leaving their mark in a very short time. Compiled by Nova Fractal and Ovnimoon this brand of goa is bouncy and highly energetic with great sounds and melodies. The first CD is comprised of names you should know whilst the second introduces you to the less familiar. Except that Imba / Ethereal combo. We've all heard of Ethereal (new album with a re-release of Anima Mundi please) and there are pictures of Imba defiling the Holy Land all over my Facebook newsfeed. At times it bubbles and harkens back to those golden days of Indian beaches, but sounds as clear as if you were in the room when it was being produced. Filami and Kurandini (sounds like something the Jawas would say) absolutely crush things with very impressive offerings. Cosmic Dimension and Trinodia serve up more space goa and Screw Loose adds a deluge of Psilocybian frothy psy to their track.


By the time you wipe the sh*t eating grin (are you my kid's teacher?) off your face and make it to CD 2 another journey is set to begin. Frost Raven delivers an X-Dream /M-Run (hyphens not included) hybrid with much bounce to the ounce. Kobaia (where the f*ck did you find these guys?) sounds like they've been worshiping at the altar of Artifact303. Tavi takes you to arid desert lands full of turbans magic lands and chilled monkey brains while our very own GhostOnAcid paints a swirling goa portrait.


I thought the newer guys did a great job presenting many twirling moments and held their own against the first CD of veterans. The whole thing is an absolute must buy if you're a goa fan. Another triumph Renato. Keep hitting it out of the park like this and soon they're gonna start asking you to pee in a cup before an album release.





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"Mind Therapy" by JIS and "Gods Of Annihilation" by GoaTree are stand-outs. "Kalindian" by Kurandini is an instant classic to me - very, very impressed by this track, even more so because it's the only one he(?) has released so far.

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V/A - Colors of Goa
Timewarp Records


1. Filami - Ingenuous Curiosity
2. J.I.S. - Mind Therapy
3. Cosmic Dimension - Dark side of the universe
4. Kurandini - Kalindian
5. Omnivox - Behind the wheel (2013)
6. Trinodia - Procyon
7. Goatree - Gods of annihilation
8. Screwloose - Wibbly Wobbly
9. Sky Technology - Ready to fly

1. Frost Raven - Paranormal
2. Kobaia - Free your mind
3. Tavi - Sand Planet
4. Ghost On Acid - Kristallwald
5. Oxi - Gemini Asteroid
6. Gowax - Galanga
7. Innerzone - Universal Enlightenment
8. Imba, Ethereal - Solar Resonance (Live Mix)
9. Somnesia - Sojourn in Goa (2013)

Color's of Goa is the third compilation I've reviewed in the last few weeks. It's not common for me to write many reviews per year anymore like I used to. It's also uncommon that three Goa compilations release in a fairly short period of time, but Colors of Goa, a double CD, screamed at me to review. Don't judge it on the decent (at best IMO) opening track, considering the excellence that this thing reaches about 10-20 times; I'm talking entire tracks here, not moments. The mega compilation is super melodic, crisp, and imaginative. It's colorful, mystical, and engaging.The overall compilation also [generally gets catchier as it progresses like a great Goa track. There are several diamonds here around numerous gems.


1. Filami - Ingenuous Curiosity gradually develops with light melody work that grows catchier into the third minute. The song feels fairly simple, though it retains a nice combination of synth work that frequently changes in arrangement. The forth minute grows catchier. My only gripe is the samples. Knowing that 2012 has past, hearing about the world ending in 2012 especially sounds dated. This isn't a bad song, but I'm not impressed, yet. Fortunately (jumping ahead for a moment) the other tracks are much better. This is a decent track that would have been better without the fairly odd and questioning voice samples. B-

2. J.I.S. - Mind Therapy is bouncy and energetic. It's packed with good melody/sound development that wins my attention. The ascending feel is nice too, and the magnetic Goa-esque chorus that surfaces to our ears. The first interlude is atmospheric, ethereal and smooth. The music is more psychedelic upon return, with the incorporation of interlude ambience. The new melodies are great; they compliment the returning chorus. The layering into all three acts is infectious, like the blending of a stream with beautiful matter, debris. Also effective is the returning ambient in the last act, and the chorus before the seventh minute. These parts are great and help to anchor the song around new ideas, twists and turns. The song doesn't have as much full act evolution as numerous Goa songs, yet it never feels repetitive nor boring thanks to the tight delivery and hooks. A-

3. Cosmic Dimension - Dark Side of the Universe is darker, more chaotic and animated. The first third offers a healthy amount tasty synth work to the increasing energy surge. Ambient notes help to ground this saucer as it enters new terrain. I love the psychedelic work on this track. The dynamic Hallucinogen-esque synths keep things exciting around an immersive back drop, and more layers than I can count. The song is well orchestrated, determined, and varied. Both of the transitional segments produce a healthy stream of new sounds as the song becomes growingly psychedelic. The last act bounces to new ideas too. Its arrangement I simply find less strong than the first two acts, but it's still pretty good. Cool track! B+

4. Kurandini - Kalindian is a tasty mushroom. This one bursts with bubbly FX, literally, and it's not just about that! The melodies come fierce and strong. especially around the second minute forward. The synths are dynamic and arresting. I love the sonic synth sound (like an emergency button) that echoes like melodic accents. It works terrifically with its surrounding elements. The leads leads are accent while the track evolves, save the tastiest touches. And that's just the first several minutes! The sound combinations here are infectious, and even stronger into the seventh minute. I was hooked for every minute thanks to wonderful sounds, direction, mixing, and arrangement! The song has strong melodies, powerful synth work, and never retracts greatness for a second. It's exciting and addictive throughout! A

5. Omnivox - Behind the wheel (2013) has an ominous introduction. Wind FX shift the vehicle acquiring an echoed synth, and the song grows catchier around 2:15. Certain segments, such as the one around 3:18 go on for longer than necessary. The song would have been a tighter with shorter length. The forth minute is much catchier; infectious sounds bombard the echoed synth. The altered arrangement injects the song with life, and becomes increasing catchy at 6:10. The seventh minute develops feelings and a blending of delicacy emerges. The windy vibrational FX add to the atmosphere, and the (ambient/industrial-esque) backdrop is good. There is a final interlude at 7:30, but the energetic return at 8:36 could have been more imaginative! The song goes on for another two minutes that feel less complex, more formulaic. In that senses it seems more mainstream oriented, whereas I preferred the more amplified Full On Goa approach beforehand. This is another good track. B+

6. Trinodia - Procyon has starts with an eerie hum of ambience coupled with mystical sounds. I was pretty critical of Trinodia's track on V/A's Future Architect 2. This track is much better in comparison. The rhythm is fairly dark and driving, and the Eastern-influence is well integrated with the more kinetic synths. The subtle ambient adds depth, creating mystery. I love when artists experiment with good results, exposing listeners to new delights. The crisp melodies stand out thanks to good supporting synths. There is even piano in the final, somewhat climactic act among a healthy variety of sounds. The returning ambience is cool too, and has a cinematic feel in the final moments. B+

7. Goatree - Gods of Annihilation begins like a kid with ADD playing with his electronic piano before speeding it up. It sounds too naked firing off alone, I feel. Early on with this sound, a voice sample enters, with intriguing ambient. The vehicle has a strong take off. Suddenly a cohesive nature to the fast piano forms. Often experimenting with great results, the artist mixes in a many sounds, producing a swirling extension of sounds like an alien's insect nest. There is a skipping synth that's quite nice, and what appears to be a fog horn adds character. I'm relieved when the fast piano synth leaves after the fifth minute transition. The song feels more refreshing by letting go of such a prominent, continuous sound. It has a moment of excellence to breath without it, but then it returns (msg to artist: sometimes less is more). This is a creative track with some great ideas. B

8. Screwloose - Wibbly Wobbly is perfectly appropriate of its track name. This song is bouncy, bubbly, acidy and loaded with energy. It's like like Hux Flux on even more drugs! The mixing work is impressive. The synths work is inventive. The wobbly base line rocks, and the sound FX are awesome. It has a tasty beep that occasionally goes off. It's also overlapped with impact effects as accents. The core rhythm throughout oozes in psychedelics as the vehicle rhythmically reverberates through three bubble blasting sectors. The sample s more in the fun sense, acknowledging the song's wild personality. I like how all of these elements sound together, and the lead in the (fifth and sixth) final act. This is a n inventive and dynamic number. Things eventually calm down in the last minute (somewhere), but man that it's a trip until then. Wibbly Wobbly is an excellent track. A-

9. Sky Technology - Ready to fly starts off like an alien space craft about to take off from the Hollow Earth (artistic pictures I saw online) with Goa music complimentary to the ascent through the multi-dimensional skyline. Have you guys read about Admiral Byrd's stunning Hollow Earth discovery and documentation? Many others have allegedly gone through this multi-dimensional opening, but who knows if any of it's true. This is another colorful number. The rolling bass line is effective to the developing sounds. The song could have been catchier in the first half. It builds nicely though and soon takes off; also noteworthy is strong work into the forth, and the vibrational, engine FX. The interlude is immersive and the short sample's great. The spaceship takes off one last time, this time faster and more fluid (catchy!) than before thanks to a wonderful Goa lead. This is another imaginative number. A-


1. Frost Raven - Paranormal is dark, but mainly due to horror-esque samples. It's also atmospheric. I could have done without the vocal bits. They complement the title but not so much the melody work throughout that are otherwise confident. So nice actually that its a wonder the samples were even considered. The screaming voices do not enhance the music, though they add character. While the song doesn't have much development, it has strong melody/sound work to boot. The track has a progressive trance feel with Goa influence. It's pretty catchy when not diluted with silly (intention to enhance mood) voice screams. If one can look past those, this is a decent track. B-

2. Kobaia - Free your mind is better overall than the previous number. The melodies grabbed my attention like blinking balloons. Development is healthy. Energy is high. Musical elements are unique, and the synth work has an old school sound. For me, the track gets tasty as the skipping sounds become more noticeable around 2:20. Good too are the skipping vocal-esque hymns that overlap them, noticeable around 2:40. The emotive feel is nice too, along with Act 2's increase in energy. This vehicle is fast and zippy. After an interesting interlude, it becomes more psychedelic and uplifting! The music takes off here with greater sound work, melodies, textures, and more. There are no iffy samples here thankfully to distract. This is pure Goa Trance from start to finish and it's well done. B+

3. Tavi - Sand Planet is jump started with a quick drum roll, electricity, and a flute synth followed by strong Eastern vibes. I like the creativity throughout most of this compilation! This takes about two minutes to get going; it really does though. The odd, little transition ushers in tempo change (very nice!), and refreshing melodies. The second transition is fairly RA-esque without ripping off of RA (the Goa artist). What's interesting is the slower tempo changes; they're unique and add variety. A third transition is reached. The music returns, each time different and appealing. I don't think it's necessary to speed things up each time the music returns though. Sometimes a climactic return is fun. The musical arrangement and sounds work are good here, though none stick in my mind. The track is nicely varied, adding new elements in even the last minute that stand out, are great! A-

4. Ghost On Acid - Kristallwald is another track that takes risks. The first act transcends reason and aims for artist style until a feeling occurs via 2:48. I then begin to enjoy the song rather than admire it on a technical level. The second act has more melodies and character, more feeling and energy. I love the subtle, fast, tingly melodies noticeable just over the fifth minute in addition to creative sound mixing. The metallic (opening) concept unpredictably enters and develops. Quickly offset by a wild tweaking of chaotic FX, the music returns around 6:37 with a near lightening bolt climax! The layers move seamlessly like unattached braids with a mind of their own. Those tingly sounds return and stand out more too int he seventh minute, a smart choice! Moreover, the synth work becomes more infectious and along with key changes, atmosphere, ambient, and numerous other elements, the track remains great in its final moments. A-

5. Oxi - Gemini Asteroid is high octane. It relies on strength and force whereas the previous track was chaos that developed into something more melodic with a short attention span. Adding variety to an already characteristic compilation, this number barrels through space like a bolder being hurled across the galaxy. The melodies are fast and accompanied with impact FX, atmosphere, soundscapes, and one very nice voice sample. There is an interesting transition around the forth and a gripping (alteration in) beat emerges at 4:16 before the asteroid continues to barrel. This time it's supported with stronger synth work, more melodic touches and those impact-esque FX are used just right. At a running time of 5:52, I wasn't bored for a second. Quality over quantity all the way! The song's not deep, but that's not what it's going for. It's not terribly ambitious either. But it's fun, catchy and exciting. This song adds variety and character (power track) to a healthy track list. Great song! A-

6. Gowax - Galanga is more melodic, Eastern-influenced than the previous comet. The melody/sound work is excellent, well defined and nicely layered. Filled with tribal chants, cheers, and background singing like an Indian tribe, these elements add character. The track would have sounded better, had they exited before the powerful drum, early on in the second minute. The voices are fairly distracting from the music (that's exceptional) and grow a little tiresome as the track progresses. The voices exit around 3:20, where a fantastic, albeit short segment is revealed. The choppy voice FX add a nice touch too until the main vocals return at 4:11. It seems like the voices ironically distract from the repetition later on, as less development exists from 4:37 forward. I found this strange considering the beautiful arrangement earlier on. Why not just create produce even greater arrangement in the end? The skipping effect in the sixth minute is awesome, and the sphere-esque FX are great. I would have loved more musical development in the song's second half and a more selective approach when using the voices overall, as too much make them feel less appreciated. While I have some gripes here, the overall song is strong and showcases some phenomenal sound/melody work. A-

7. Innerzone - Universal Enlightenment starts off with an interesting sample about the universe beginning as something smaller than an atom. This theory to the big bang has since been debate with the string theory ~ that our universe was produced by collision with another universe. String theory suggests that all existence can be traced to origin like a string, bypassing the big bang to the essence of existence itself. Moving on to the track; it's memorable. A very nice, emotive harmony is produced in the first act,. The second act merges sound particles to near perfection, producing a harmonic freeway in outer space. After a smooth transition, the Goa work continues with elegant composition. The integrations are gorgeous and moving, determined and yet optimistic, empowering and ultimately enlightening. An enjoyable sample, like something that could have been in the famous (about the Universe) TV show Cosmos arrives, and after that a beautiful time warp (section) in the final act. Universal Enlightenment is evocative, imaginative and arresting. A

8. Imba, Ethereal - Solar Resonance (Live Mix) is a delectably crafted collaboration from two fine artists. Imba's recent compilation work has been nothing short of strong. It's exciting to see (hear) Ethereal back as well. Both artist's produce smooth, fluid work. The song is basically a delectably rhythmic suturing of both of the artist's skills. The track picks up around 1:16 and grows catchier into the second and third minute-plus! My little gripe is that the song's direction feels a little similar in the first two acts due to a layer that remains steady throughout. That said, I hardly noticed this anchored layer (that helps structure the track) as the song progressed the fifth minute. The layering grows rich. At 6:05 evolution (finally!) takes priority where a part of me was waiting for a fresher feel to come. Fortunately, the last act is a beautiful sculpturing eargasm of ingredients invested before. It's like a waterfall flowing with harmonies as liquid streams. Ethereal's style is beautiful and Imba's work compliments it. This is a track with gradual development over twists, turns, and events; changes are gradual and trancing until infection. Although the song took time to build, it grows increasingly satisfying to the ears. I was especially pleased with the beautifully articulated payoff. A-

9. Somnesia - Sojourn in Goa (2013) starts off good, with subtle atmosphere and storytelling sounds. The first act's lead is good and accumulates tasty layers at 2:20. The third minute is about twice as catchy, introducing an elegant bundle of sounds that unite with the first act. The first interlude into the forth could have been catchier relative to a sustained sound that really isn't all too memorable. The development into the fifth minute however is interesting, and 5:45 completely surprised me. This segment took the song's feel and drastically developed it in an unexpectedly elegant and uplifting way. It's good. Then there's a brief buildup around 6:16 and the entire song is great! Wow. Suddenly it transforms into a beautiful being with soul. This lasts until 6:48 where an even greater transformation occurs. It's beautiful. Quite literally, the music crossing into the seventh is magical, superb! I am in awe by how infectious the melody work is, inspiring. A sound effect enters to a growing atmospheric interlude. The returning beat at 8:54 is catchy, but here's my gripe. This last two minutes here, though good, aren't nearly as catchy as the part around 6:45. Why not just bring back in the gorgeous melody from 6:45 (at exactly 9:25) with additional infectious sound support? That would have been amazing and what I was expecting. I think it would have worked, but I appreciate the artist's decision to evolve the track with new direction. The result was simply less infectious. That said, the outro element is very catchy; it incorporates the evocative feel from earlier on. This is strong track with a superb climax thanks to exceptional sound/melody selection, arrangement, and (for the most part) direction! A- / A

Colors of Goa is a burst of fresh air, a blast of good taste, and a handful of different styles beautifully delivered in Goa Trance. Although the samples in Filami's Ingenuous Curiosity turned me off, the majority of CD1 and CD2 is excellent! This tops Future Architect 2, and that compilaton has a handful of great tracks. I found numerous songs up there with Suntrip's Ten Spins Around the Sun as well. Both of these mega compilations have tracks that top each other. Say what? Colors of Goa is one of the best compilations I've heard in years. It's bursting with flavors, new ideas and artists that aren't afraid to take risks. As a whole, this is a super melodic and psychedelic trip, and one of the best GOA compilations I've heard in years.

Favorite tracks:
CD1: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9
CD2: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


Samples / Order

Stream the full album for FREE here! I love that they upload these to YouTube! :)

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This tops Future Architect 2, and that compilaton has a handful of great tracks. I found numerous songs up there with Suntrip's Ten Spins Around the Sun as well. Both of these mega compilations have tracks that top each other. Say what?

Pretty good year for Goa compilations, right? I would add "Call of Goa" to that list, also, of great compilations that have come out in the last year. Each have more than one gem within and the overall journey is absolutely wonderful.

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This compilation follows in a great extent a more oldschool approach in sound & style, except some typicalness. That means more twists and acid sounds, more raw productions contrary to the common euphoric sound of many newschool productions.
This makes it a pleasant surprise with fresh compositions from plenty of artists, mostly new ones, compiling 2 discs space.
Nothing extraordinary here or marvelous than some fresh waves of oldschool vibes that carry out some very good quality and decency.

Plenty of very good performances with the only tracks not worked for me to be Sand Planet, Gods of Annihilation, Procyon.

Nice frontcover.

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