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Global Goa Party 4: 1995 - April 5th 2014 - online (streaming)

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The Goat Ranch once again teams up with the Digitally Imported Goa-Psy Trance Channel to bring you another Global Goa Party!

GGP4 @ Goat Ranch
GGP4 @ DI.fm

It's 1995: the black lights are blazing but the sand is still warm, the moon is full, and the music is amazing. Except this isn't a beach in Goa - this party is in your living room! Join us for the 4th event in the Global Goa Party series with 10 DJs and 15 hours of old-school Goa trance streamed right to you. With music entirely from 1995 and before, take a trip back with us to the time of a burgeoning scene when everything was exploration and the honeymoon was still hot and heavy!


Earwall (USA) - [20:00-21:30]

Solitare (DAT Records, Canada) - [21:30-23:00]
Draeke (DAT Records, Italy) - [23:00-00:30]
Shruti (Brazil) - [00:30-02:00]
Jim Appleton (Goat Ranch, UK) - [02:00-03:30]
Twinpa (Cronomi Records, Germany) - [03:30-05:00]
Paul Eye (Finland) - [05:00-06:30]
The Goa Constrictor (USA) - [06:30-08:00]
Infra (Sweden) - [08:00-09:30]
Hallucinary (UK) - [09:30-11:00]

This is a free, online-only "virtual" party: tune in and drop out! Get regular party updates and more information on Facebook:

GGP4 @ Facebook

...and don't forget to "Like" the Goat Ranch to stay up to date on all future happenings! :)

Goat Ranch @ Facebook



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Also worth mentioning is that there will be no repeats. We've been dealing behind the scenes to make sure you won't hear the same track twice during the entire duration of the event :)

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this is going on right NAO as we say in the DI.FM world ;p I took off work tonight and am set for the next 15hrs ;D I will fight off sleep. I must. I must.

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