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So like the title states, what are your favorite video games and why?


Some of my favorites are:


Super Mario 64

Super Mario Galaxy

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Dark Souls 1

Need for Speed: Undercover

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles


Second Sight

Elder Scroll Series

Fallout Series

Fire Emblem

Civilization 3 and 4

and more that I can't think of at the moment...


So why do I like them so much? I like them all for various reasons that are similar. One is the nostalgia factor, I can't deny that I do have some of it but hey some of the older games are awesome. A Link to the Past is probably my favorite of the Zelda series because it practically sets up how every other Zelda game works and plays, plus it is just good. Mario is something I have always loved (along with the rest of the Nintendo games). But I really love Galaxy. I love the worlds that they made and music! The music is just awespiring and inspiring. I love it so much, I sometimes turn on the game just to listen to it. Fire Emblem is something I played when I was younger and I loved the story of each game and the character development, plus I liked the fact that it is turn based. I like Civilization because of that reason also. Though 4 is newer, I prefer 3 more because I like the art style and I am more use to it. Need for Speed is sort of self-explanatory, it's a racing game how can you hate that, plus cop chases are fun. Sonic is something else I always enjoyed. But damn that Carnival level, never beat the game with Sonic because of that. I like the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series because of the freedom of choice, the effects of your choices, and the lore in general. The same thing with Dark Souls, but except that you have to do the exploring and thinking in Dark Souls to figure out the story. Plus I just love the combat (and the millions of deaths you have). Deus Ex is one of those games I fell in love with right away. I love cyperpunk theme stuff. So I like stuff like Blade Runner and other stuff. Deus Ex is quite good because of the story, the gameplay, and music. It seems to me that whenever the music is good, the game is usually good also. I love the atmosphere that is shown and built in this game and in Dark Souls.


So what are your favorite games?

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Well this could be a long list, as I have been playing for over 25 years now.. wow... where did that time go?! :P
I love games in all their forms, and pretty much have loved something in every genre out there.

Anyways, will try to keep it short. Your list is quality btw.

Defender of the Crown - C64/Amiga 500/NES/Every other version -




The first game I was ever actually "addicted" to. No shit, when I was 5 my dad awoke one morning to find me at 4am on the Commodore... I had somehow managed to input the whole loading code thing you had to do back then and had fallen asleep at the keyboard playing. Good times im sure.


Daggerfall - PC -



The first Elder Scrolls I played and the one with literally the most stuff in it. None since have matched its scope. Ok it was a buggy mess, but god damn was it cool just how much shit was in that game. I remember stealing things from shops and getting chased through towns by angry hordes. This was and maybe still is the biggest rpg I ever played.


Thief 1/2 - PC - Not that new shit they f*cked up, the original Thief games had some of the best stealth mechanics ever. And also the best atmosphere. Some of the levels were incredible.




Tribes/2/Ascend - PC - First online game I was addicted to, nearly screwed up high school entirely playing that series... Jetpacks, Capture the flag, 64+ players, teamwork...just..yeah. It is amazing.




Goldeneye - N64 Probably don't even need to explain, but being a teenager when this came out was awesome. Some of the best split screen multi parties ever.




Ok, I have too many. Would also add



Master of Orion 2

Civilization - all

Baldurs Gate 1/2


HOMM 1/2/3/4

Fallout - all, specially 2!

Mario Galaxies

NBA 2k Series









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Oh ya, forgot about Thief. Another childhood/teenage game I enjoyed a lot. I never played much of the first two though, but I did enjoy the third one. I recently got the first one to finish it up. The new one is ok if you are new to the series, but it is quite different from the originals. I didn't buy it because of that but I did watch a walkthrough and boy did they screw up the story. It's like they wrote a very short story that doesn't explain the background history of the characters, the situation, and a sudden cliff hanger. Yikes... I think it isn't going to do that well and they are going to call quits on the revival project, though I may be wrong. I also forgot to mention Halo. Man I wasted so much time on the Blood Gulch. Counter Strike was and is also fun.

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On the Acorn Electron: Repton especially life of Repton, Frogger, Pacman, Citadel.

Citadel was the first game I was addicted to, when I first got to the outside it was just an amazing feeling then the inside just didn't feel the same any more.


On the Amiga 500: Bubble Bobble, New Zealand Story, Rainbow Islands, Altered Beast, The Secret of Monkey Island, Another World, Lemmings, Speedball 2, Syndicate, Turrican II, Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 and a million more I cannot remember of the top of my head. In my memory this was the best games machine ever, I played it between 8 and early teens maybe and I played it and played it and played it. I can even remember the passwords to some of the levels. The second course on Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 is peasoup.


On the Sega Master System: Sonic all the way. I much preferred Sonic to Mario at the time, but he eventually lost the war. My wife loves Mario but I just never saw why the fat slow plumber is better than the super fast hedgehog...he's a hedgehog but really fast.


On the later systems: Mortal Kombat, Mario Kart, Wipeout, FIFA, Grand Theft Auto have been among my favourites. Racing fighting and killing prostitutes to get your money back :P

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On the Acorn Electron: Repton especially life of Repton,

Repton rules! I wish they'd remake Repton 3 for smartphones.


Anyway, my top 6 (because I was doing a top 5 and then I thought of another game that needed to be included but didn't want to get rid of any that were already there) games would probably go something like this:


1: MDK

2: Half-Life / Half-Life 2

3: Batman: Arkham Asylum

4: Zelda: Link's Awakening

5: Painkiller

5: Wario Land


I'd like to talk a bit about MDK, and why it's so great.




This game came out in 1997, back when many shooters were still using 2.5D graphics such as the Build Engine, and those that didn't generally had dull-coloured worlds with small, repetitive textures. MDK, on the other hand, looked amazing. True 3D, colourful graphics, and vast levels with a huge amount of variety. And it wasn't just technically impressive, it still looks good today. Have a look at this mirror room, for example. How awesome is that background texture? Imagine seeing that room in 1997.


MDK effectively pre-empted all the things that are good about modern games, and none of the things that are bad. Levels didn't seem like levels; they seemed like real places with a purpose, albeit some strange alien purpose. It had a sniper rifle before Goldeneye, complete with bullet cam. Music would fade in and out between sections rather than just be constant throughout a level. It had localised damage models (you could shoot off enemies' heads and in some cases their weapons too). It had enemies with personality, who would interact with one another before they saw you, and would taunt you if they thought they were safe. It had doppler-shifted sound effects. It had variety - puzzle sections, platforming sections, vehicle sections and more. It had some of the most unique items ever (e.g. there were no keys, and doors were instead opened with the world's smallest nuclear explosion, complete with tiny mushroom cloud). It had background detail and set pieces galore. And it had too many memorable sections to count. It didn't have long, tedious cutscenes, or annoying dialogue, or chest-high walls, or limited ammo which need to be continually reloaded, or a ploddingly realistic running speed, or savepoints.


I love this game so damn much.

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MDK was indeed cool when it released. I remember it being bundled with graphic cards I think, at least that's how I got it once.


I don't usually like third person action, but it was just so different at the time and had a real distinct vibe about it, couldn't help but love it.


Think there was a sequel? That was nowhere as good?

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MDK was indeed cool when it released.

It still is.


Think there was a sequel? That was nowhere as good?

Right, and the sequel got an HD remake in 2011. I don't know why they didn't remake the first one, it's more deserving (though arguably a remake would be completely redundant).

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PC Elitist most prized game when comes to FPS-RPG. BioShock, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Dishonored, Dead Space, Fallout 3 and many more owe their success to System Shock 2

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Oh ya, I totally forgot about the Half Life series, definitely another good set of games. Sadly, I have yet to play System Shock 2. I keep reminding myself I should check it out, but I for some reason just haven't yet.

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Another great choice JISNEGRO. I played that game to death, though I never played online because I didn't have internet connections at the time. I actually bought the HD release they made last year. Still is a lot of fun.

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I remember seeing the gif version on this on /mu/ maybe a year or two ago? Still a nice story to read/watch.


But having never played the game, how is it? Is it something that still playable, or has it aged a bit (in a good or bad way?).

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That story is ridiculously touching, weird I haven't come across it before; i've played all the animal crossing games apart from the newest but spent most time on the gamecube one by far.


@desysko: It depends which version you play as to how aged the graphics are, but even the oldest iteration still has really charming graphics, the style is always pleasing and colourful even though the actual textures etc aren't the most technical by any means. I wouldn't say the gameplay has aged, even though it hasn't changed massively throughout the series. Definetly reccomend you play it but only if you've got the free time!

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If you have a DS i can recommend that one, specially if you have a partner who might give it a try as well. You only need one DS.


Basically you can both live in the same town and decorate your house/houses, leave notes for each other, send gifts etc...It is just one of those games that is far more fun when you actually play it than when you describe it, haha. Plus, you don't have to play it a lot, but because it runs on real time, as in the day/night cycle and time follows your actual time, and events happen at certain days, times, months, weeks etc you can just hop in once a day to see whats happening for a bit. Warning though, this game is really reallllly addictive! :P

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I only have the Wii. Hmm, it seems pretty interesting though. But there is only one problem...it is 40-60 bucks new...yikes. I'll put it on hold when I get a more stable job. Money is a bit tight at the moment and I'm currently saving up for a x0xb0x. But maybe I could ask one of my friends if he has the game, since I know that he used to have lots of wii games and stuff like that. Sadly though I got the newer version of the wii, so I can't play gamecube games on it, but I guess there are workarounds (such as hacking the wii so I can install an emulator...).


Nevermind I found one new for 20 bucks. Hmm, maybe I will buy it. We'll have to see.

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I haven't been much a gamer since the mid-90's, but the ones I liked the most are:


The Legend of Zelda


Mike Tyson's Punchout

Super Mario Bros. 3

Mortal Kombat

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Civilization 2 & 4

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Pro Skater is another fun one. The amount of time I've wasted on that game and fooling around with the cheats. I remember my friends and I would purposely turn on cheats that had low gravity, flying, and so much other crazy stuff and see who could get the highest score that way. We would spin 10 minutes just on one trick because of the insane amount of grinding, flips, and stuff like that due to low gravity. Lots of fun.

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I've never been much a gamer, but I have to brag that when I used to play Tony Hawk I racked up some seriously high point counts. I could pull off continuous rail slides that covered half of an entire level.

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since the SNES was my only addiction, mostly the games i played back then

the Marios, Zelda, Secret of Mana, Probotector, Bomberman, NBA Jam, oh so many

Secret of Mana seems to be my alltime favourite, i still play it from time to time

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