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Sanathana - Homa


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Album: Homa

Artist: Sanathana

Genre: Darkpsy, Psycore, Forest

Size: 335MB

License: All Rights Reserved

Track List:

1 - Truth and Knowledge - 09:31
2 - Rudra - 9:49
3 - Baddha Mukta - 11:38
4 - Soul Dance - 08:50
5 - Illusion Within Reality - 09:55
6 - Peeking MoonSter - 08:28
7 - Your Personal Mandala - 09:06
8 - Moksh Ki Talash - 11:45
9 - Conquer Love & Fear - 10:27
10 - In talks With Fear - 09:49
11 - Vishva Shakti - 09:28
12 - Vastu Shastra - 09:12
13 - Nilkanth - 08:45
14 - You Are Already Complete - 09:50
15 - Super Moon - 09:45
16 - The Power of Truth - 09:33
17 - Control Your Senses - 07:49
18 - Liwa Moreeb - 11:00
19 - Dhyana - 12:56
20 - Theerth Yatra - 10:10
21 - Suffering is Inevitable - 11:41
22 - Shiva Loka - 12:51
23 - Jai Bhole Bhum Bhum - 08:55
In the world of sound, Sanathana believes in only one rule: Boundaries are made for breaking. HOMA, a three hour psychedelic trance experience, does just that. It takes everything we know about music, puts it through an intergalactic space walrus, and crunches it up in this unexplainable burst of superb, colorful magic. Of course, he may not actually have his hands on a cosmic walrus with supernatural powers, but I would like to think this is the only sure way anyone could make something so brilliant. Yes, It sounds that amazing.
HOMA is a engulfing, powerful creation with originality sewn into every stitch. Each track is fantastically diverse, offering Beats Per Minute (BPMs) from 145 to 200. The amount of content inside this release is nothing short from extraordinary, and can take the average listener some time to explore. With patience, this will reward any psytrance enthusiast. Sanathana takes the musical universe and twists it into an entirely new dimension without definition. Some may label this sound as “Psycore,” “Forest,” or “Darkpsy,” but the world he has erupted, truly, is influenced by his heart alone. There are many instances where there is no genre. This album presents a playing field full of innovation, churning up delightful, ear-candy surprises. As Disney’s little mermaid would say, it really is “a whole new world”.
I could describe HOMA as a work of art, but I feel that isn’t accurate. A single piece of artwork almost underwhelms in comparison. I would bravely claim it, instead, as a sort of art gallery. I say this, for I see a multitude of pictures, each crafted with its own concept and meaning. Some of them are quirky, while others are almost terrifying. Paintings don’t typically spark any emotions for this particular individual, but they always make me stare and say, “hmm… now, that’s interesting!”. This release seems to promote a much heavier response, however. There was one track that literally had me laughing out loud and then tearing up just seconds later. Then, some weird gargooly zip-bob sprouted from underneath a layer of gooey bass stuff and I almost thought aliens were abducting me. Hmm… now, that’s interesting!
No, aliens will not abduct you, probably, but if you close your eyes and pay close attention, you will be rewarded with a satisfying, personal journey. It is quite an incredible exploration, and certainly a living and breathing example of musical evolution. This composition is a major accomplishment in todays psy industry, which I feel will inspire a large number of works in the near future. As an ambient producer, I have been searching for inspiration. This album, even though it is on an entirely different plane, has sparked my imagination to no end. I am truly excited, and I can say it has been a real pleasure discovering this gem.
Homa represents an array of themes, such as dark and light, balance and chaos, love and hate, yin and yang, and so much more. The background from Sanathanas culture in Dubai is present in the background, along with the chapters in his life. He has clearly been on a path for decades now, attempting to piece together his thoughts into the perfect form. One can say this album is a peak in his life. It is everything he has wanted to lovingly express from the very beginnings, where he would tip and tap at surrounding audio jargons for years until he got the sound just right. He passionately, delicately crafts everything from the ground up, and the results are legendary. Anyone craving discovery would be more than happy adding this to their collections. Put on your headphones and close your eyes. Walk through the forest, dance the night away, or do anything you feel like doing. Just do your brain a favor and listen, as you will likely fall in love. I think we all owe Sanathana a heart warming hug for this amazing accomplishment. HOMA is beautiful, a gift to us all, and I look forward to future releases with a similar, mind-opening experience that allows me to connect in ways I never have before.




All tracks are written and produced by Sanathana / Swaroop Guhathakurta
Album Mastered by: Overdream Studio
Album Art: Swaroop Guhathakurta / SGDesigns / Sanathana / Sanhata
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