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'Psychedelic eMag' is coming

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Hello brothers and sisters!

We wanted to bring to your attention that a new, monthly, global, Psychedelic, e-magazine, free of any charge, it's coming out soon!

This idea born from people involve almost 20 years in psytrance, to bring what is missing from our unique scene: an independent monthly magazine which will present honest stuff & not only promotional content. Honest stuff such as exclusive interviews, articles, reviews, technology, how to's, festivals, drug info, herb, freebies and many many more!

At our premiere issue will be featured interviews from:

Rinkadink / SA (DM7 Bookings)
Lyctum / RS (Tesseract Studios)
Sensogram / UK-GR (Phoenix Groove)
Artescape / SA (Deco Team @ Boom, Ozora, Origin +more)


We have create at team from 5 countries and 3 continents of the world. we want to give to our culture something different, something unique, something that is representing US! Something that our tribe will love to read. We count at your love and your support because without that we can't succeed anything. Please take a moment to subscribe to our e-magazine (only takes a second and it's free) and like our official page to be sure you'll read our e-magazine when it's out.

Subscribe: http://psychedelicmag.com
Facebook Page: https://fb.me/psychedelic.mag

If you a) Have any question b ) need advertisement space c) You think you can contribute to our mag
Please use one of the following emails respectively:
a: info@psychedelicmag.com
b: sales@psychedelicmag.com
c: pk@psychedelicmag.com

Thank you for your time and KEEP THE VIBE ALIVE!


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