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Cosmic Dimension - In A Special Kind of Space

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I completely agree with the last two comments. I listened to this album a few times when I first got it and enjoyed it for the most part but nothing really hooked me. I'll have to listen to it again but those were almost my exact thoughts. I am confident these guys have the talent to make some wicked tracks down the road.

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I found the sound really generic.. a couple good tracks but trying to listen to more than 2 in a row bores me to tears, the melodies are so uninspiring. It's good production but that's about it for me. Reminds me of Liquid Flow to be honest. I also don't think it being LE makes any difference.

Liquid Flow creats wonderful melodies, The best and the most talented Neo Goa Trance producer for me, and his mixing & mastering is so professional,


his "Presence" is one of the best New School Goa Trance albums, in my opinion : )

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I too think i need to revisit this one . I was swept off my feet when i heard their remix of ra's track on V/A Ten spins around the sun . Maybe that will give me more perspective going back.

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Artist: Cosmic Dimension

Title: In a Special Kind of Space

Label: Suntrip

Date: November, 2013


1. Special Kind Of Space

2. Nucleosynthesis

3. Time Beyond The Universe

4. Cosmic Call

5. Telekinetic Mind

6. Acid From Above

7. Analysing Your Brain

8. Parallel Universe

9. From Other Planet

10. Return From The Different Dimension





Drifting GTA style! Now go kill some hookers!





These guys are f*cking children. What are they...22? I'm old enough to be their father which means they could be the grandchildren of Raja Ram.


They're not the grandchildren of Raja Ram are they?


Probably not although in his younger partying irresponsibly days who knows how reckless he was when it came to the ladies. One night on shrooms and he could literally be the father of modern day goa trance. No money for a DNA test? Forget it, takes forever anyway. Just see if any of these young bucks had a f*cking flute in their crib.


It would make a strange kind of genetic sense. How can these young pups be this good at their chosen profession. At 22 you should be seeing how much stupid sh*t you can get away with and not wind up in the prison love shack or the hospital.




Not crafting an album that garners raves from the community. And this album certainly deserves the accolades. Cosmic Dimension are Antonio Simonovski and Denis Bogdanovski and they truly take you on a cosmic journey. Futuristic melodies travel through galaxies with acidic textures and mystical layers. The flow and seamless structure really stand out to me. It's just wave after wave of evolution and new melodies. The fact that it's coming from such young artists is doubly impressive. If Suntrip really gets hundreds of demos a year and they decided to release a whole album from this new project well that right there should tell you something.


They're only going to get better and better. Samey? Possibly formulaic? Maybe. But they're just kids and I think we can all agree that this was an impressive start. I find it to be a great combination of mysticism and space goa that fits with the Suntrip mold. And if Joske believes in these guys well that's good enough for me.


That hippie seems to know what he's doing. But if he wants my advice he needs to sign my friend.




*drops mic*



Limited Edition only available at Suntrip



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There's nothing innovating here, everything is close to the style of Ra, Ethereal, latter D5. And it is done well, there is truth and depth in the sound, quality and harmonious complexity in the production. Not all the tracks are amazing, there are still typical/simple moments throughout some tracks, but the overall outcome of this album is good.

Stronger tracks here: Telekinetic (what an amazing melody accompanied by solemn atmosphere), From Other Planet, Acid From Above, Cosmic Call

If the artists take care more of their syntheses and avoid simple melodies and immature sound elements, then they can work miracles.

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Hmmm, weird I never commented on this release before.


To me, this is one of the best newcomer albums of the past years. Uncompromising in-your-face power Goa Trance that kind of heralded the Macedonian style. There are for sure moments where Suntrip's decision to make this a limited edition is justified, simply because some parts just sound too raw production-quality wise. At the same time, that's where a lot of the charm of this album lies I think.


Nucleosynthesis, Time Beyond The Universe, Telekinetic Mind and Acid From Above are my favorites. There's this moment in Telekinetic Mind, I think the last climax where the track reaches that very rare melodic harmony that makes the track sound as if it is preaching, argumenting but with a positiveness and power that is overwhelming (damn this sounds a lot cheesier written down than it did in my head lol).


I am very curious to see where these guys are headed, and if the Gate 8 remix on ten spins around the sun is an indication (that must be one of the most emotional acid tracks I have ever heard), they will definitely deliver classics in the future.

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This is IMO another example of a newschool album that has all the ingredients right, but the final plate has a mild taste.

The bass is nice, the kicks are powerful, the synths are great....but the end result is boring.

Once again we have endless layers that play generic melodies that lead nowhere, the lead melodies are forgettable, the music doesn't breathe and all tracks sound the same.

I'm being kind of harsh and it is a nice release don't get me wrong, but IMO it's formulaic newschool goa to the bone.

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