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Anoebis - Visiting Other Territories (Timewarpmix002)

Nova Fractal

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Territory 1: Psy-trance with goa-influences and darker/acidic goa-trance
1. Lunar Dawn - Ananke (Screw Loose Remix)
2. Alien message - Arc Prime (White)
3. Javi & Skooma - Atomic Cocktail
Territory 2: Full power modern goa-trance
4. Omneon - Magic Forest
5. Siam - Endless Sea
6. Psychowave - Supernova (Lunar Dawn Rmx)
Territory 3: Floating morning goa-trance
7. Mindsphere - Last Hope
8. Coagoa - Algae Forest
9. JIS - The Journey
10. Fractal Vivisection - Interplanetary Voyage
Territory 4: Euphoric goa-trance with nitzhogoa influences
11. Nova Fractal - Mass Extincion
12. Sky Technology - Stars Come Down
13. Agneton - Azure Epos





"A few months ago Nova Fractal asked me to make a mix with the best tracks in my opinion of the releases on his digital label Timewarp Records.
This sounded like a challenge to me and the result can be found here! :) The title is how the mix feels to me: I "visited" 4 different territories :)
The first part is rather Psy-trance with goa-influences, the second part is full power modern goa, the third part is morning goa-trance and the last part is euphoric goa/nitzhogoa!"



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