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Ain-Soph - Discordia Under Fur Coat (suomisound mix)

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Finally found some time to record a new mix :) Puppies are hard work!

This one is a bit darker than the previous. Bpm goes from 152 to 154


Recorded 05/02/2014 with a pioneer xdj-r1




Spyge H - Spugedelic Force

Hypnic Lab - Saatans Porn Horns

Mussa Kussa - Xenuphobos Scientologicos

Phosphoric - Glowfield

Khooman - Juggo

Bechamel Boys - Tossi Ansi

Finski Disco - Speaking in Lungs

Omitomi - Ancient Electronics

Gumbumambo - Flegumatik 3000

Texas Faggott - Incubator

Flying Scorpions - Hostage Situation

Squaremeat - Direct Action

Lightaman jr - poreilvapensas

Räpylät - Sign of The Madness!

The Sebastians - Thoujouthaja

Texas Faggott - So Many Mushroomz We Have!!!

Shiwa 2000 - Batargah


Thanks to all artists for making such awesome music :D






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