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Hybrid Presents Y4K - One of the best uptempo compilations (free stream)

Jon Cocco

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Hybrid Presents Y4K is one of, if not my favourite electronic (uptempo) compilation that is not psy/goa or downtempo oriented. It is that good IMO for those into driving (occasionally dark but not always) electronic music with progressive influence, breaks (breakbeats) and some infectious tunes. I first heard it in 2004. According to reviews on Amazon, this is not even close to their best work. Remember that Psytrance-influenced electronic song from the kickass film Man on Fire that we were all trying to pinpoint many years back? It's on here too!


Stream it FREE here. It's the one that says 13 Videos in the top-right video box on Youtube here (third one down on my browser):









Track list:

  1. Hybrid – "The Drop (Man on Fire Edit)" – 1:42
  2. Forme – "Let It All Out (Tigerstyle)" – 7:01
  3. Dylan Rhymes – "The Way (Evil 9 Mix)" – 6:17
  4. Hi-Fi Bugs – "The Knife Drawer (Ryeland Allison Edit)" – 7:45
  5. Easy B. – "Found The Gonzo" – 4:50
  6. Future Sound Of London – "My Kingdom (Part 4)" – 4:10
  7. Hybrid – "In Good We Trust (Soundtrack Edit)" – 2:10
  8. Gus Gus – "David (Luke Chable Mix)" – 5:30
  9. Nectarios – "Phoenix (Vigi & Nectarios Mix)" – 6:47
  10. Lee Burridge & Andy Page – "Why Are All The Pretty Ones Insane?" – 1:59
  11. Chemical Brothers – "Chemical Beats" – 3:23
  12. Orbital Feat. Lisa Gerrard – "One Perfect Sunrise (Stereo 8 Mix)" – 6:39
  13. Hybrid Feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw – "Blackout (Hybrid Y4K Edit)" – 9:46


Buy it. Download it. Stream it free.

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