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02-05-14 Shpongle - Sun Project - Juno Reactor / Brussels

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tribesland    0



CoCo Agency Present


=> Live In Concert

SHPONGLE (Twisted Rec, UK)

Full Concert with the entire Band.
The only concert in Europe in 2014 outside Uk One !!!!

Mc Coys SUN PROJECT (Sun Project, Germany)

Full Guitare Live Concert

=> Dj


Oonah vs Danolite (CoCo Agency, Be)

Anoebis (SunTrip Records, Be)

=> Decoration & Animation:

Fireter Street Theatre (Bulgaria)

BOTN deco+Vj team (Greece)

=> Venue:

Somewhere in Brussels

=> Tickets: (ONLY 2000 TICKETS)

Presale Point:

Fnac: Belgium, France, Swiss, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Brazil

Primera: Holland

Worldwide: =>https://www.facebook.com/CoCoAgency/app_153680921360383

° 40 € PreTicket (SOLD OUT)
° 45 euro (only 1300 tickets)
° 50 euro (only 300 tickets)
° 40 € Bus Paris - Concert (Return)


CoCo Agency
Twisted Records
SunTrip Records
Dacru Records
Akida Promo

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Blubber    25

yesss, how long i had to wait for this special event with....


McCoy's SUN Project...


and, yaaah, oukay, Shpongle also nice :)


no honestly, i'll go there, will also be my first time in Brussels


if you want me to do sth there, or know nice places to sleep and stay, please let me know

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atg    3

Just ordered my ticket. That will be amazing. And how good that the concert is on a Friday. Brussel sight-seeing on Saturday :)

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