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King Goa Constrictor - Déjà Vu

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King Goa Constrictor

Déjà Vu

Genre: Psychedelic Goa Trance

<<<Download Audio>>>

This winter I had a terrible cough and was drinking copious amounts of cough syrup for many weeks. During that time, two albums seemed to be in heavy rotation, the Flying Rhino compilation White Rhino and the Blue Planet Corporation release on DAT Records, Blueprint for Survival. These chuggy and grumbly sonic noises were both in my ears and escaping from my ass, so to speak, and were the inspiration for this moody, classic, warm-blanket, gurgly, acidic, and melodic dreamtime trip trough the cosmos.

Artists include: Juno Reactor, Slinky Wizard, Blue Planet Corporation, Nervasystem, Process and Tristan, Man With No Name, Nasha, POB, Prana, X-Dream, Total Eclipse, Slinky Nuns, Process, Slide, Etnica, California Sunshine, Dandandado, Friends, Lovers & Family, Green Nuns of the Revolution, Hallucinogen

Complete track list and more info at:


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Thank you! I made "Class of 97" in late 2004 or early 2005, so it is nearly a decade old at this point.

Shamanic Influences has some good stuff on it but it's not one of my more favorite mixes.


If you like the retro stuff and don't mind a bit of other sounds, I made a mix in honor of our old friend Muschi (R.I.P.) that you might enjoy.


Everything on it are tracks that he introduced to me, played out at some event, or reminds me of him for some reason or another.


I also have a recording of the first **GOA PARTY** up as well.

Your set didn't make it on, the recording could only do 8 hours, but if you wanted to relive that night of awesome, the music and such can be found here:




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**GOA PARTY** is/was based out of Portland, Oregon and spawned 5 legendary and exciting events.

Marsh then started using the name, never gave me a props on the website, and has been using it to his fame ever since

But that's how it works in Seattle...




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