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Ocean Star Empire - Woven Drops - REMIX PROJECT

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hey people,


Ocean Star Empire and Pure Chords Records present Ocean Star Empire - Woven Drops - REMIX PROJECT


Project download:



- in the rar you will find the track audio stems.


- the track is in 145 bpm in g-sharp phrygian scale.


- please name your remix ONLY in the following format: "Ocean Star Empire - Woven Drops (Your Name Remix).


- favorite remixes chosen by us will be released on a free compilation with also 50 promotional cd copies. Our absolute favorite remixer will also win a bundle of Pure Chords CDs and goodies :)


- deadline for submissions to the compilation is: May 1st 2014. submit by providing us a download link in 32, 24, or 16 bit unmastered wav quality. send your link via a message to our facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/OceanStarEmpire


- you are allowed to provide your remix anywhere you want to for free - soundcloud, youtube, your album, compilation etc.


- you are NOT allowed to release this remix in any commercial way or to profit from it in any way.


- the stems and sounds are for usage within the context of a remix to this track only. you are not allowed to use them for anything else.


Original tune:



Do it for fun! There are no rules, any genre and creative work is acceptable! ENJOY and let us hear what you come up with :)

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