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Psyankali - "I accidentally a whole mix" (146bpm night psy/full on)


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Title: I accidentally a whole mix

Dj: Psyankali

Style: High Octane Dark Night Time Full On Psy Trance

Tempo: 146 bpm

Recording Date: 2013-12-17


Listen/download: https://soundcloud.com/psyankali/i-accidentally-a-whole-mix



1. Haraburda - Benzin

2. Wizack Twizack and Nevarakka - Paralyzed

3. ??? - ??? (after going through my cds in search for this track for about an hour without finding it, somebody else may identify it. thanks.)

4. Sidhartha - The Real Deal

5. Growling Mad Sex (Psysex with Bansi) - Imprint

6. Dissociactive - Cinder

7. Children of Paradise - Fairy in the Dragonforest

8. KozVox - Strange Green Men

9. Wizack Twizack - Active Galaxy

10. Leftism - Simple Sample

11. Abomination - Secret Sand

12. Ex-Gen - Intensified Frequency (Smashed vs Ex-Gen Rmx)

13. Triskell - Chips'n Twist


Feedback welcome.

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