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Ocean Star Empire - The Purest Form


ID: PC002
Artist: Ocean Star Empire
Title: The Purest Form
Label: Pure Chords
Genre: Psytrance / Goa
Date: January 1 2014
Format: CD / WAV / FLAC / MP3


1. Arrival 02:48
2. Three Dots On A Map 06:36
3. How Small We Are 07:22
4. Killik - Spaetzle (OSE Remix) 07:09
5. Woven Drops 06:24
6. Rain From Within 07:59
7. Nuno's Abduction 08:46
8. Phrygian Drifter 07:24
9. All Good Things 07:36
10. Eyes In The Dark 05:49

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Deep and melodic space stories from far away places and times. Psychedelic trance music that has a little something from eveyrthing - goa, prog, fullon, forest. Touch the past, reach the future - welcome to the theater of sound, welcome to the Ocean Star Empire.

Ocean Star Empire is goa-psy trance act touching three dots on a map - Nomad Moon from Portugal, Killik from Germany and Faxi Nadu from Israel. Communication was a path to a vision. Vision morphed into action. Action was transposed into a musical message.

All tracks produced by Nuno Muacho (Nomad Moon), Leander Winkler (Killik),
Yaron Eshkar and Oss Vaisband (Faxi Nadu) at www.oceanstarempire.com

Mastering by Killik
Cover concept by Killik
Design by Fernando Hood



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