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"V/A - The Hypnotic Goa Zone"


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Artist: Various

Title: The Hypnotic Goa Zone

Label: Hypnotic

Date: January, 1999


1. Ziax - Calamity

2. Ex- Sample - Trip 2 Goa

3. Whonic - Insight

4. Futurax - Collision

5. DJ Roy - Time To Ride

6. D-Ex It - Lightning

7. Criozonic - Conviction

8. Steam - Lonliness

9. Mach - Crystal

10. Amenia - X-Cella-8




This is an underrated release in my opinion. It's not mixed so you get full tracks and I'm willing to bet that you've never heard of these people. I say people, but it's very few people as the same guy makes at least half of the tracks. And they're brand new goa trance tracks. Know how I know?


It says it right on the front of the CD case.


You know how sometimes when you look at a release on Discogs and it has a ridiculously high rating? Yeah, that might be this one. Not classics by any stretch as some of the melodies are pretty thin, but for the most part it's solid. One thing you can tell after giving this a listen, the same sounds are used over and over again. Because of that it has that generic goa sound, but one that I can enjoy on occasion. I will say that he knows his way around a 303.



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