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Mindwave - Concept of Freedom

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Artist: Mindwave

Title: Concept of Freedom

Label: Iono Music

Date: April, 2012


1. Intro
2. Light of loss
3. Simple Moves
4. Guiding Voice
5. Within You
6. Levity
7. New Day
8. Underwater
9. Concept of freedom
10. Deepest Thoughts



"Freedom is not something that we easily understand."


Sometimes you're just in the mood for a little progressive.







No, that's Progresso soup. Most tender chicken ever? It is getting colder here and that sounds delicious. When I need my progressive trance fix I turn to the leader of the pack Iono Music who very rarely let me down. This is Anton Maiko, yet another Russian residing in Israel. It's like Russia south down there. The Israeli vodka machine must be working overtime. With his third album he delivers the kind of tunes that are right in my strike zone. Flowing melodic stuff that makes you wiggle in the middle. Simple Moves dwells in the clouds, but still retains its big bottom end. New Day brings a feeling of hope with great effects. Female vocals in several tracks give the music a dreamlike spiritual gravitas. But all the tracks have that lush appeal that mark an Iono release. Washes, punchy bass lines, reverb, and delay set to 11. Yep the gang's all here.


If you want to drift away this is your ticket. Hell yeah this is recommended. It's one of the best progressive releases I've heard in a while.







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