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Asia 2001 - Amnesia


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Artist: Asia 2001

Title: Amnesia

Label: Avatar Records

Date: July, 2005


1. Orion 2 (Corcovado mix)
2. Vertige (Goa Gil Burningman mix)
3. Rakshas
4. Psychadelia
5. Bengali
6. Eolis
7. Caribbean Night
8. Reykjavik
9. Sherkan 2
10. Dreamland (Space Cat mix)
11. Nomads of the future
12. Dawn to dusk
13. Strange world
14. Life storm
15. Lokayatikas
16. Hallu practical
17. 303 keops
18. Juno transportation
19. Lunar attraction
20. Ra
21. Epilogue (Asia 2001 vs Toires)



"You call us monsters, but when you dream you dream of flying...and changing. And living without death. You envy us. And what you envy..."


"We destroy."





This cover has always confused me. Is that a f*cking dung beetle pushing a sh*tball? And what the hell does that have to do with Amnesia? Quirky.


Speaking of quirky this album is quirky. On its face you think a remastered 2 CD compilation of the greatest hits of Asia 2001 and his other projects is a no brainer. And it is, but reading some of the album's idiosyncrasies you have to scratch your head. Identical tracks with different names, track times cut short...housekeeping crap. Nothing to write your congressmen about. Like he would give two f*cks anyway. And if he's anything like that Toronto mayor, well...






That dude is the 2nd coming of Chris Farley. It's uncanny. Where was I?



It's not until you read further that some of the first discs will not play or skips like hell on a cd player. O...k? Not a big deal, because who listens to music on a CD player these days other than your parents. Which leads me to the nut punch. Some of those discs won't let you rip the tracks to your computer. The reason given for this is the total duration exceeds red book standards.




What the hell do they have to do with anything? And what's a non-b*tch doing on the cover. Hold up...sex quiz. Find out my real...


Back on topic, while most of the tracks are classic Asia 2001 there are some that could have (read should have) been left out. But how do you choose between your children?


*rolls eyes*


Yeah, yeah, I've heard it before. Start with the dreadfully boring full-on Space Cat remix. Yeah I know you mastered the CD, but I also seem to recall you being competent at goa trance. And the two plus minute outro was unnecessary. Still, not being able to rip tracks seems like a huge deal. How do you let that leave the factory with a defect like that?


Most of the tracks (Caribbean Night and Psychadelia are unreleased) are on his albums or on compilations under a different project name. So if you want his best goa tracks in one tidy package and don't want to get ass raped for Psykedelia then you can't lose.


Unless you happen to get one of those quirky discs. In which case let me know so I can take my kid out of school before you shoot up the place.







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So funny! This review made my day. :D :+1: I gotta say that the cover artwork for this CD, is mesmerizing. I love it, it's hypnotic to me.

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This album is a killer so far, some really intense and mystical vibes. :) The more goaish tracks are just perfect for my taste. There are some that are less melodic which are perhaps a bit more towards the psy side of the spectrum. Still solid tracks though in their own right, but I skip to the goa bombs since that's my predilection. The first track Orion 2 Corcovado Mix, sounds like a darker version of the Norwegian group Ra. But not too dark, just a perfect balance of mysterious foreboding undertones. Definitely a track to play at sundown. I have no clue which year each track is from. Which is perhaps better, so that my expectations are less colored by any preconception about how a track might or should sound, depending on when it was composed.

The second track Vertige (Goa Gil Burning Man Mix), is a stormer for sure, very nice drive and aggressive synth leads. It has a very classic sound palette, a bit similar to Etnica at times, with talking alienesque leads, the female voice samples/choir type melodies however gives it a distinct eastern narrative. Which to me evoke the sense of the ancient Egyptian themes which is imbued into this release in everything from its cover art to some of the track names. I haven't listened to the original albums in many years, and did so just briefly I think in a record store. So I have no recollection of how much the mastering has improved the sound. But I would assume and I've been told that it's the definite version to get due the mastering beeing really good. And yes it sounds awesome. :) A Crystal clear image, making it sound like neo goa. A very pleasant surprise to rediscover this album, as I thought I had heard all the so called classics, and I remember having met quite a few people over the years raving over how good this album is and that I should listen to it. So far the three first tracks are definitely the best ones.

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RIP Gilbert Thévenet. Thanks for the amazingly beautiful music!

Asia 2001 definitely put France on the Goa Trance map alongside other giants of the genre like Transwave and Total Eclipse.

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