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OMEGAHERTZ – Deca (digital + CDR) – Dimensional Records

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Omegahertz Deca - OUT NOW !!! (Dimensional Records)




After a decade flight, we reached our destination, the resurrection of the

sound as we knew is true! The neverending unique of all, "DECA" by "OMEGAHERTZ",

the fiery musicwaves, the only one of its kind artist, the energetic art speaks

itself You will never get enough, the ultimate melodic, Goa Trance theme is

alive..! Overdrive your senses with "DECA" by "OMEGAHERTZ"...

OMEGAHERTZ is Dimitrios Pouranis, music producer and composer from Greece, creating music since 1996, with first web-release appearance 2003 and worldwide CD release, early at 2004. Record labels like Elxis discographic, Unicorn music, Dimensional records and more other, have host his music, in goa trance and psychedelic trance style, plus releases in other genres like, chill out and downtempo.

From then till today he releasing new music and performing live shows, with great success, all around the human world, on several musical events and festivals.





1. Omegahertz - Golden Ratio (7:24)

2. Omegahertz - Ether (7:14)

3. Omegahertz - Smell Of Wet Earth (7:11)

4. Omegahertz - The End Of Time (8:10)

5. Omegahertz - Compact Star (7:37)

6. Omegahertz - Deca (8:09)

7. Omegahertz - Girl Of The Sun (8:30)

8. Omegahertz - Puranas (7:36)

9. Omegahertz - Space Conquest (8:39)


Checkout the Samples @ www.dimensionalrecords.com



Title: Deca

Artist: Omegahertz


Country: Belgium

Tracks: 9

Format: EP + digital + CDR

Catalogue Number: DIRECD012

EAN/UPC/barcode: 5052653834353


Produced by: Dimitrios Pouranis

Artwork & Mastering by: Dimitrios Pouranis




Release Date @ Beatport: 21 Oktober 2013

Release Date @ Digital Shops : 4 November 2013

Release Date @ CD Shops : 26 November 2013


Order digital + CDR @ http://www.dimensionalrecords.com/cd-releases/303-omegahertz-deca.html

Order digital @ Beatport, Itunes, Amazon, Juno download, Napster,

Order CDR @ Psyshop, Beatspace, Goastore, Free Record Shop, Amazon,






For more info, Visit the dimensional website: www.dimensionalrecords.com

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