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Almost forgot about this one too - Chilling Matenda - "Mediteran"


Beautiful album, sounds like sunny psychedelic Mediterranean music too, whatever that is.. Lots of emotion in this one, really unique and catchy, excellent, memorable melodies in every track.. I find this album psychedelic but it's not in the shamanistic style a la Entheogenic or Shpongle - this is more psychedelic an emotional level.. This used to be my favorite album to put on back when I was into doing intramuscular shots of ketamine ;) - great journey music, not too intrusive or aggressive, but really hypnotic and spacey..


Here's a couple, (wait for the epic spiraling melody on Audio Raj :)):



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ok by now i admit that ultimae stuff is at least serious trancey music in most cases, so it may be psychedelic for many people. and i like the 303 downtempo sound of CBL.

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Yah exactly - that's what it is for me - it's more like a classy, outer space sort of sound than the earthy shamanic style of Entheogenic, Shpongle, Shulman, etc.. Not as in-your-face psychedelic, but def trancey, and goes really well with forays into altered states of consciousness..

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Kliment and Chilling Matenda as stated above.

Any of the chillout stuff on Twisted and Flying Rhino Freestlye.

Check out Eclipse - a journey into permanence and impermanence

CD1 of Time, Re:evolution II



Backroom beats


Caribbean Eclipse


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Neogoa isn't psychill label, but we publish a lot of trippy downtempo stuff. Here is my latest mixed collection made only from Neogoa material:

01 Shamanizm Parallelii - Shadows Of The Mountain's Shamans
02 Scuba vs Yechidah - Beyond The Illusion Of Life
03 PharaOm - Goa's Sun Will Shine Forever
04 Kliment vs Anjela - The Last Call
05 Tavi - Gautama Buddha (The Awakened Sage)
06 SoulQuark - Lost In Frozen Dream
07 Uth - Reflections Of Consciousness
08 Lunar Dawn - Blessings From Irij (Perfect Blind Remix)
09 Katedra - Eidos
10 AstroPilot - Scirocco
11 Morphic Resonance - Outro

Chapter II coming very soon on YouTube!
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