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Hi everyone my name is Mauro Iacovelli a.k.a Acid monkey. Im from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I started mixing psytrance music in this year.


i want share with all of you my sets.

My style for now is Full on Night and Forest DarkPsy.


Here is my channel on soundcloud :excl:






Night Full On - Oct 2013




This is a latest djset of Night Full On

Badtrip - Momento-Demento Psytrance Festival





Artist's Various compilated for Momento demento Festival (Forest DarkPsy)

Im so fukin' mad!




This is a 2nd djset Night Full on


En El Patio De Mi Casa (in my backyard)




Another Forest Darkpsy

BA |ARG|Psytrance




This is a full on psytrance djset

Acid Monkey @ Pyscho New Talent's May 2013




I did this set for a Competition to mix in a club. i won this event



Frenetik - Hiperreality -Rework








feel free to comment - share - like or like u want!



if you like what i do you can follow me on this page.









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