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VA - Goa Overdose 3 (UAFR028) - OUT NOW!

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Release notes:
Underground Alien Factory Records revives the halcyon spirit of years gone by with Goa Overdose 3. Compiled by Imba, this release continues the story that began in 2010 with the original Goa Overdose and continued a year later with Goa Overdose 2. With whirling melodies, fractal soundscapes, and retrodelic beats, this compilation will transport you through time to a realm of endless spirals and rainbows.
Mastered by Trogdor The Burninator with artwork by Imba.
01. Nolax - The Broken Bubble
02. Dragon Twins - Fire And Earth
03. Ruby Plexus - Tantric Tarantism
04. JIS - Journey In My Head
05. Tomac - Polar Exploration
06. Dreamweaver - Tabula Rasa
07. Space Elves - Drop Zone
08. Omnivox - Spectral Mutant
09. Laughing Skull - Alek Wonderland
10. Crossing Mind - Clinic Reality



I would like to add some interesting news. You would be able to hear some really old tracks here!

Laughing Skull and Tomac are from 2001, Crossing Mind is around 2002-03, Dreamweaver from 2006...


Dreamweaver is back after 10 years! His last presence was at Ethereal's Anima Mundi album in 2003.



I hope you will enjoy! :)

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Laughing Skull and Tomac are amazing! Laughing skull with it's sweeping, smooth, non-digitized leads. Tomac for the everlasting interesting buildup toward the eventual hypnotizing melodies - takes me back to the days I playing Tiberian Sun, it had a track that had the same type of melodies!



Is there more from the old days of these guys?

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I like Goa Overdose series very much! And I will love this volume, because of Dragon Twins released (at last!) and amazing Tomislav Omnivox.

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