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Electric Universe feat Chico - Burning


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Artist: Electric Universe feat Chico

Title: Burning

Label: Electric Universe Records

Date: February, 2008


1. Meteor (original remake 2007)
2. Gaijin Rocker (rmx 2007)
3. Solar Noir
4. Metaphysics
5. Observation (Guitar Version)
6. Present
7. Hyperspace
8. Def Con Min7
9. Dawn
10. Burning
11. Sunrise
12. Higher Love
13. The Calling
14. Traveller


"Observation is a skill like anything else."


*Writes feverishly. Looks at paper, balls it up and throws it in corner to land with several others*



Why? Why is it so hard to write this letter?



*sighs deeply and continues rubbing temples*


Boris I don't know you, but I feel you are in need of an intervention. Yes, you're a legend in the psytrance genre and as I've often stated with all the great tracks you've made there is a certain amount of freedom you're entitled to.


But there are limits.


To whom is this supposed to appeal? The people that like guitars probably want more than generic guitar riffs. And those that don't like guitars in their psytrance will run from this like it was an AIDS patient with cancer. I'm sure Chico is a great guitar player, but why f*ck up great tracks with these guitar remixes? I understand that you got bills and food ain't free. But can't you mow some lawns or get a paper route? Why do you have to dumb down your music? I didn't want to say anything, but this has been going on for a while now. Look we all loved Cosmic Experience, but that was almost a decade ago. I'm not saying don't let your music evolve, but maybe it's time to try something different. Even Michael Jordan retired. Perhaps you could bring back the Galaxy project and make a downtempo album.


I'm still a fan, but you're making it hard to play your music without getting embarassed.


Out of respect I won't link to this and we can pretend that it never happened.



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One of the funniest reviews I've read so far. Your reviews are really starting to remind me of the fun stuff from psyreviews.net.


I guess I can contribute a review:


Horriterriwfulbad / bad.


Would not recommend.


However Burning is generally ok, albeit cheesy, and Solar Noir near start(1:08-2:15) and end (5:18-6:50) are amazing segments. I wonder what are they doing on the track? Boris realized he created something spectacular and said this is not ok for him to do, so the rest was destroyed? Eh?

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