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V/A - The Twilight Core compiled by Ishikawa [Phonix Records]

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Title : V/A - The Twilight Core

Label : Phonix Records

Cat no. : PHODIGI007

Format : Digital Download

Release Date: 01 Nov 2013 (JunoDownload 2 Weeks Exclusive)

Worldwide Release Date: 15 Nov 2013



Track 2 Masted by Alon Laifer, Israel

All Other Tracks Mastered by Dale Byl @ DB Mastering, South Africa


Artwork by Paulo Etnarama:


At Phonix Records, our scientists and wizards work tirelessly towards their higher calling. Their rhythmic mantra, dedicated to the greater beings of the twilight, echoes through the labyrinthine walls, consuming their mind, body and soul. To reach out and activate the minds of their followers, they have only one route – to create the very best twilight psychedelic sounds they can. Masters of their craft, they have invested many hours and lunar cycles in research, trials and extensive dance floor testing to arrive upon the epitome of twilight psytrance – The Twilight Core.


Grand Poobah, Ishikawa, is the conductor, aligning the monsters and directing their powers. ‘It Begins’ with the activation of the core, entrusted to head scientists Dexter and Soul Eater. Their pet project, to accelerate the neurons in your brain, allows you to bend thought and enhances functioning. Just as you reach this higher state of being, you face an ego-shattering experience, ‘Downtown’ – a process perfected and redesigned for the year 2013 by the legendary master of the dark arts, Orca. Fragmented, disoriented, but still alive, you come across the dream team of Undelete, Organikka and Psycho System. Together, they go about systematically reconstructing your fragile ego through the ancient ‘Dancing Molecules’ protocol, a forgotten practice. It would be prudent to rest now, and realign your new sense of being, but devious whiz kid Thrillseeker has no such plans of letting you off easy. Immediately, you are ‘Intoxicated’, unable to express yourself outside of dance, the primordial language. Not missing a beat, you are introduced to the formidable duo of 3M and Z3RO. Some of the most powerful scientists around, specializing in hardcore dance floor destruction, they bring you to, ‘The End’, a delicious parting gift as you re-enter reality, changed forever.



1. Dexter vs. Soul Eater – It begins

Written and Produced by Dexter Santos & Joel Costa at Dexter Studio, Portugal

2. Orca – Downtown 2013 RMX

Written and Produced by Alon Laifer at Orca Studio, Israel

3. Undelete vs. Psycho System vs. Organikka – Molecule Dancer

Written and Produced by Andre Cachaco, Jorge Romao at Undelete Studio, Protgual, Brunos Faria at Organikka Studio, Portugal, David Iglesias at Psycho System Studio, Spain

4. Thrillseeker – Intoxicated

Written and Produced by Pedro Pinto at Thrillseeker Studio, Portugal

5. 3M & Z3RO - The End

Written and Produced by Juan Carlos Benavente at 3M Studio, Mexico and Javier Duran at Z3RO Studio, Mexico




Available on shops everywhere such as:

Juno Download












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