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Artist: Audialize

Title: Wanted

Label: Ketuh Records

Date: September, 2003


1. Interface
2. Perfect cell
3. Nirvana rmx
4. Detune
5. Generator
6. G-Strings
7. Plug-n-play
8. Wanted
9. Try 2 Bass rmx


"I will bring you hope! And I only ask for one thing in return...don't get in my way."


Ketuh Records was Timecode and Nexus Media before they were a household name. Yeah I know they weren't a South African label, but work with me here. Ketuh released some of the twisted night time full on before that became a thing. Audialize is Joao Apell and this was his debut album. Now more than 10 years old it still brings the heat even if it can show its age in spots. Howver, back in 2003 it was on the cutting edge of night time psytrance. Full of acid and dark atmosphere I think it opened a lot of peoples eyes. Almost as if we didn't understand what type of music this was. It's not the happy full on that's everywhere, but it's also not totally dark. Generator and G-Strings are prime examples of the type of melodic yet dark tracks that still rock. This guy blazed a trail for those that would follow. Killer Buds, Ex-Gen, Concept, Tickets...you name it.


I can still enjoy the twilight sounds in this one.



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I didnt expect to see this new thread when stopping on the site quick ;O


you said it perfectly! I loved Ketuh records for this exact reason! I made it a mission to collect all of their releases (have two copies of VA-Radical Simplicity ;p). This album is also my favorite psy one ever. It holds a special place in my heart. This was back when an album could come out and each song sounded different from the next.

I still like to refer to this music as full-on or hard psy since yeah, it never went fully dark. either way - this IS psytrance ;D


edit: ALSO! the first track, 'Interface' has the same opening sound/sample that Absolum's 'Inside the Sphere' album has with its first track opening, 'The Stomper' - no joke. I think I'll make a thread about it since I've heard the sound elsewhere in tracks too then will link that here.

sound examples here:


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Totally my point of view. Even 10 years later, "Audialize - Wanted" remains a superb album, one of the pioneers in the twilight psytrance genre, that may even please goa lovers and fullon addicts, as well as dark afficionados.

It's much better than the second album from the same author (Starship Earth) imo, as it's fresher, wilder, exposing more twisted ideas, even leading to unexpected directions.

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I play this album to remind myself that psytrance can be awesome and not to lose faith .


Detune is by far my favourite track ever . Nothing nothing comes close

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