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Melicia - Running Out of Time

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Trance2MoveU    395



Artist: Melicia

Title: Running Out of Time

Label: Phonokol

Date: July, 2013


1. Experience
2. Running out of time
3. Freeman
4. Psychodeliya
5. Dancing up (dance mix)
6. Smash
7. Genesis
8. Sea Master

9. Illusion Quest


"It seems...we are running out of time."


If you picked out 50 of the all time cheesy full-on compilations and albums from the early to mid 2000's I'm willing to bet that Melicia was on 75% of them. Dude was everywhere and I believe him to be one of the harbingers of the Israeli full-on sound. And as we all know there have been an avalanche of derivative full-on producers that exploded onto the scene. Like a herpes outbreak at a frat party you just knew there were more coming down the line. Just looking at the Phonokol artist list on the Psyshop page makes me want to say Oy vey.



It was one of the first albums I bought and it was aggressive. The samples spoke of aliens, and psychedelics, and there were movies I recognized. Realize I came from regular old trance where the vocals sometimes reminded me of house. Where the melodies were euphoric and sickeningly sweet.


The bass lines here were punchy and rambled unlike the one note bass often found in trance. He put layers of crunchy sounds together and it was like a wall of powerful sound. Arpeggios filtered up and down the scale hit me just right. The tracks were long and seemed to get stronger as new melodies were added.


But don't get it twisted. It's still full on and there are some tracks that make me want to jab a shrap pencil in my ear to end the suffering. Or at least parts of tracks. The house like female vocal in Psychodelia is just such an instance. I liked Smash, but could you cram any more samples in there? It's like a f*cking clown car.


So if it sounds like I'm torn on this release, you would be correct. At times it can be powerful full-on and at others it's, well...full-on. And I think that's how it goes. The shelf life for full on is very short and this gets old rather quickly.



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K-BAN    30

crazy.. now this one I disagree with you more. much more ;p Maybe I should play it again (although the last time was earlier in the year) and I was still a fan of these tracks. that full-on sound during the time that meant bliss and euphoria. the real cheesey full-on from Melicia came with his next album and that timeframe for all of psytrance. a little in 2005, more so in 6 then in 2007 was when the cheese came into psy.

for this album - some tracks are stronger than other. In the end, you have really good full-on. ;D

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mars    144

Similarly to Trance2MoveU, I am torn between 2 feelings on this release. Some tracks are excellent quality imaginative fullon, others are just predictable, stereotyped fullon.

Though it's a must have for fullon lovers. Better than the first Dynamic album for instance.

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