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Spirited - Cosmic Ancestors (Ananda Tribe Records)

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Artist: Spirited


Album: Cosmic Ancestors

Label: Ananda Tribe Records

Format: Digital

Style: Psychedelic, Progresssive Psy Trance, Dark Psy

Date: 31 July 2013

Travel to a far Far Away World (5:57) through the forest of the Tree Wolves (3:48)
up into the mountains, to find the man with the Refrigerator full of Drugs (7:59) and fly over
the enchanted City of Babylon (6:42) to go Dancing with
the Dreamers (4:30) have a sip of Tantric Remedy (7:54)
to cleanse the night spirit and take a ride on the Saraswathi Express
to Cokabana (9:14) watch the Sunrise over Thaprobane (5:13)
to visit Seetha's Psychedelic garden (6:41)
and travel Through the Star Gate (8:07) deep into the cosmos with the
Space Dolphins (6:17)back to the time of our Cosmic Ancestors (7:17).

* all tracks are written, produced mix mastered by Misha (Sri Lanka)

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