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Ticon - Remixed (Iboga Records) - OUT NOW!

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Artist: Ticon

Title: Remixed

Label: Iboga Records

Cat: IbogaDigital125

Format: Digital download (MP3/Wav)

Release date: Out now!

Release information:

TICON has been a very influential driving force between the progressive psytrance scene for over a decade. With albums on the legendary Digital Structures as well as Iboga Records, they have developed a unique sound fusing elements from techno, progressive house and progressive trance that is dancefriendly, euphoric and even quite humorous.

We at Iboga Records are proud to present a new remix-album with 25 remixes spanning from big-room progressive house over techno, tech house and progressive psytrance. Legendary classics like "1987", "Waiting For The Knights" and "We Are The Mammoth Hunters" as well as newer tracks are reworked by a broad range of artists, such as Liquid Soul, Captain Hook, Atmos, Vibrasphere, Sub6, Lish, Riktam & Bansi, Antix, Symphonix, Tripswitch, Time In Motion, Christian Smith, Andrea Bertolini, O.T.B. (Phaxe and Vice) and many more.

All in a nice 25-track digital download release.

For a limited time you can even buy a Ticon t-shirt in the Iboga Records onlineshop, and get the full release for free. Look here:


01. Ticon - Rip It Up (O.T.B & Naughty Notes Remix)

02. Ticon - We Are The Mamouth Hunters (Ticon 2013 Remix)

03. Ticon - 1987 (Riktam & Bansi Remix)

04. Ticon - Waiting For The Knights (Lish Remix)

05. Ticon - In The Dirt (Liquid Soul Remix)

06. Ticon - You Make Me Wanna Drink More (Time In Motion Remix)

07. Ticon - Zebra Beat (Symphonix Remix)

08. Ticon - Chicken Chaker (Sub6 & ON3 Remix)

09. Ticon - We Are The Mammouth Hunters (Captain Hook & DJ Wasabi Remix)

10. Ticon - Waiting For The Knights (XV Kilist & Rocco Remix)

11. Ticon - Less Is More (Vibrasphere Remix)

12. Ticon - Less Is More (Atmos Remix)

13. Ticon - The Clown Smells Like Gasolin (Funk Trunk Remix)

14. Ticon - 1987 (Tripswitch Remix)

15. Ticon - 1987 (Gleb Gold Remix)

16. Ticon - We Are The Mamouth Hunters (Antix Remix)

17. Ticon - We're Shining (Minimize Remix)

18. Ticon - Zenra Beat (Flippers Remix)

19. Ticon - Models On Cocaine (Mottagua Remix)

20. Ticon - Waiting For The Knights (JunkDNA Remix)

21. Ticon - Loop Of Infinity (Rafael Osmo & Hezi Rachmani Remix)

22. Ticon - Jinxed (Andrea Bertolini Remix)

23. Ticon - Jinxed (Christian Smith Remix)

24. Ticon - You Make Me Wanna Drink More (Matt King Remix)

25. Ticon - Blow My Horn (Moosfiebr Remix)


Ticon fanpage on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ticonmusic

Iboga Records fanpage on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ibogarecords

Iboga Records website:

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