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Cryobiosis - Within Ruins


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Artist: Cryobiosis

Title: Within Ruins

Label: Cryo Chamber

Date: May, 2013


1. Enthrall

2. Frigid Silence

3. Somewhere Safe

4. Recollection

5. The Corridors Beneath

6. Murkfall

7. Corroded

8. Through Debris

9. Forgotten

10. As the World Decays

11. Departure

12. Serenity



What I've come to understand about dark ambient is that it is a vehicle for your imagination. I suppose that could apply to all music, but definitely in this genre. This is pretty good dark ambient that explores the deserted structures of ancient civilizations. Recorded in Romania by Cristian Voicu it is characterized by that eerie atmosphere which Simon Heath (Atrium Carceri) is known for. One aspect I like about this is that while relying heavily on effects and melancholy tone it is more than just drone ambient.


Isolating melodies and pads stir up memories of a cold December, perhaps of a fortress ruled by a long dead monarch. Maybe of ghosts wandering beneath a deserted temple. Murkfall conjures up images of a massive Viking vessel with its creaking planks as it lolls listfully at sea devoid of crew. But even though the album starts off strongly it eventually gets lost as you get deeper into it. What was once eerie and interesting soon becomes just background noise. Forgotten sounds like Cristian recorded his cat walking back and forth on his aunt's piano.


It moves slowly (very slowly) along with all the sounds you come to expect from dark ambient and you'll notice that a lot of those sounds are repeated. It doesn't frighten yet it does bring about a feeling that you are not alone thereby accomplishing its goal in stimulating the imagination. Think of it as the soundtrack to a dark, slow journey through the past. Not the best I've heard, but worth a listen. If I had to put a number on it, 6/10.





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