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Connection festival anyone?


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So next week is festival in Spain near Seville (3-7 october) and i wondering does any PsyNewser going?


This time it could be small gathering of users here, there will be few of us that i will have to meet and i am happy because that:




Nova Fractal




There will be plenty of goa trance sets, except those from above and mine (both Imba + Space Elves):

Etnica (i hope!)


The Muses Rapt


Lord Flames

Dunle Goalediscopic

... who knows, maybe more from local djs? Almost whole day of goa trance :)



On other hand, well known names as Aphid Moon, Protonica, Quantica, DJ Boom Shankar...


Full info: https://www.facebook.com/events/338380039615720/?fref=ts



I will be there from 4th morning to 6th night.



Anyone comes? :)

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ah man! this is why Im totally planning for a Euro festival next year. always killer line-ups ;D

I got to hang and share some space with Boom Shankar and PhasePhour guys by a small day fire at Genesis this year. They were being funny. 8)

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Last year as first time was around 400-500 people which was great, now i belive 2-3x bigger festival and huge stage!


As i am part/partner of Red Dust crew who organize this and they are part of my label UAF Records i think i will be next year again. I am VIP :blush::lol:

Already looking for next year for a meeting! :)



PS. Main focus/goal of this event is goa trance :wub:

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I will be there with my girl. This will be our goodbye party, since we are leaving for India after that!


I dreamed about Etnica not playing only oldschool yesterday, lets just say I did horrible things to him... Maurizio did play true oldschool last year, didn't he? Otherwise I will be crying to myself in a corner somewhere...

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