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Xervana - Unreleased Tracks 2001-2004


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Artist: Xervana

Title: Unreleased Tracks 2001-2004

Label: Self Released

Date: 2010


1. Falling Up

2. Another Universe

3. Part of Imagination

4. Boundless Energy

5. Angel of Death

6. Turn Home

7. Solitude

8. Human Stupidity

9. Fall of Mankind


"Terror that has no name. Terror that must not be named."


Samples From a Virtual Life was a great old school goa trance album and this is clearly not that. Times change. People change. According to Discogs he rarely makes electronic music anymore so this might be the last we hear of Olof. But releasing some stuff for free is a very nice gesture. The first four tracks are similar to the monotonous sounds of the early 2000's however. Progressive / psy stuff that seems to go on too long. Some have female wailing on them, but they don't come close to his debut album. Turn Home and Solitude were very melodic and had a pumping sound with a very trance like break. Ferry Corsten esque that makes me smile. Angel of Death and Human Stupidity clings to his former goa greatness as he messes around with some break beats. One thing I will say, he was very good at creating atmosphere with the breaks, even here.


I can't tell if it was the time period and everyone sounded like this or he just said f*ck it. The website where you could get these tracks isn't responding so unless you know him or someone wants to share I don't know how you would get these. All of the tracks were uploaded in sub 320kbps quality so couple that with the fact that they are less than remarkable and you ain't missing much.


You can find a couple of them on YouTube, but what was more striking was other tracks labeled as unreleased which sounded WAY better than what was on this release.


Wicked Cosmos anyone?


Perhaps a comeback in the making?



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