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UX - AUD‡SSEY (Live & Beyond) | Anjuna Records | ANJUNACD006


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There is only one "drama queen" here: Tal and his label. There are too many accusations against him.

Lets say for example, a year ago asked me for some unreleased Etnica tracks that he knew that was already agreed for another label, and he knew also that the owner of that label is a friend and a co-worker of mine. Yet, he insist to me, that he had spoke already with Etnica! (btw, Mauricio laughed a lot when hear this) :P

...or the fact that i gave him Total Eclipse - Area 51 (Live Mix) for his "Three OM Three" compilation and he never say not even a simple "thank you"... this is another random example... and i know that he did the same to other people also (i know for sure 4 similar cases). Asking for unreleased tracks BEFORE he make agreement with the artists, and lied that he already had agreements.

Not to say about delivery policy... lets read a comment posted on Facebook...
"...since December 2013 when Lucid Flux would never arrive with all sorts of excuses. It finally arrived but still... After started reading other similar and worst stories about him, but the pinnacle was the Moonweed CD. It se
ems there are people who pre-ordered it in November and did not arrive yet! I'm talking about his shipment 'methods'... I always laughed at his stories because in the meantime I was ordering like most of us from Zion Sixofour and CDs would still arrive quick - just like the other buyers.


...and finally, not to forget his very active status as one of those who are out to "hurt" anyone in the psytrance scene who dare to criticize Israels occupation policy.

That's all for now ...if you want more, there is more... -_-


P.S. - Really i was not in the mood for such posts, but it is very unfair and very infuriating to hear the one side of the story only.

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Besides all the mess that's going on here ( :unsure:), my question is : will the album eventually be released ?


Yes, it will! (...and these are the good news by the way)

Okey Tal!! This is the time get your fucking shit together!! Seriously! Now it has been more then 6 months since you announced it!


And nothing has happened!!


Has Tim got the tracks or what? (I think i will do some serious investigation on the behalf of all of us, and EXPOSE THE TRUTH!!!!)


Do you tell lies...? It is not hard to get the truth from Tim you know..... -_-


Im fucking pissed off!!!!!!


As you can see here, the UX album was already mastered at 15 November 2014!




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Kyriakos, I know there's nothing more enjoying for you anti semite to hammer an Israeli label, I'm just glad you finally decided to join psynews for a good cause :D


I actually seat here with my cup of coffee and laugh hard about your comments, you have no clue.


* Total Eclipse you are not the one who sent it to me. reminding you I just asked for your copy as a reference. and said thank you, want me to share our conversation?


* Regarding the album - Tunes were delivered in delay of 1.5 years, since I manage the label, I decide the releases timetable, not Kris.


* Believe me, I can also share my conversation with Kris, that will be very unpleasant, I just prefer to spare him the shame, please don't push me to do it.


I appreciate your efforts trying to protect your friend and I know he's been motivating you, but he's risking a lawsuit and big big impact on his reputation, just saying, so please, keep that in mind.


Peace ;)

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