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Badgers Records presents


V/A Spore destruction


01.Namek - Space Port
02.Romeodark meets Nasgul - Hypnotic Level
03.Murukhan - HumAnimal
04.Drak phaser - spore destruction
05.Mad Scientist - Primatter
06.Fasteria - Fast impressions
07.Pupsidelic - Extreme game
08.Junxpunx - Super mental dimension
09.aGh0Ri TanTriK - Serpents of Shani


Compiled: Hora Project (Greece)
Mastering: Nik Mar at Pupsidelic Studio (Greece)
Cover design: JIMACIDO Digital Art (Greece)


Could it be that a civilization more advanced than ours ever existed on Earth? Is it possible that, by fault, it was destroyed by its own self?

History has shown that when the system faces collapse, it tries to restart itself. This is what might have happened in the previous World Wars.
Could the economic crisis of today lead to a ‘restart’ of the system? Could such an event trigger a nuclear holocaust, destroying everything down to the last spore?

‘VA – Spore Destruction’ is a psychedelic transition from the dark age we’re entering today, to the imminent final war of tomorrow. Rapid fire, laser guns, ion beams and nukes will teleport you into the most aggressive battlefield.

But remember:
In this War, no one wins!


Message from Aghori Tantrik:

Whilst I was meditating for Lord Shani or Saturn which represents the unwholesome in life, the decaying, the poor, the unorthodox and the low, i came across some intense visions of powerful and huge serpents. These serpents spanned sizes more than the size of Earth itself, fit for survival only in the raging storms of planet saturn. Why I was meditating on Saturn, because I had learnt an important and hard lesson in my life, and at this point if you want to convert pain to power, you go to Lord Shani..

Here is the song that came out as an spontaneous combustion from my internal universe after this powerful prayer to Lord Shani. I hope you enjoy the mind bending effects, i can recommend lying down in Shavasana and let these serpents move freely across your internal cosmos, the key is in your hands now - play with it in your own psychedelic manner!


Download Packs:



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