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The Sound of Belgium


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This one's out in cinemas around Belgium, I sure hope it gets released on DVD for the whole world to see... it follows the history of Belgian electronic music since the late 80s, which is precisely the kind of sound that later evolved into early trance so I'd say it's a definate must-see for everyone interested in electronic music in general and trance in particular ;)



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hmm ok, maybe it's not THAT open minded, IMO the main flaw is that they focus ONLY on the belgian scene, meaning that they blatantly omit to show how the artists got their influences, which in turn makes it look like they are some sort of visionary gods who created something new out of nothing (well, ok, most music history documentaries tend to make that error).

For example noone even mentioned the Detroit techno scene when it's obvious that the early electronic music artists got massive influences from there (when they didn't outright copy their stuff). A good example would be 101 - Rock to the Beat which is presented everywhere as one of the milestones of early belgian electronic music when in reality it was a total rip-off from Kevin Saunderson!


Still, a great documentary nonetheless ;)





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oo this was a interesting topic to login

thanks for the info

searching now..............


YOU lucky Belgians u have must have mountains of cds-vinyls to dig in second hand stores

and of course im talking as a fan of Belgian scene over Germany

the Belgium scene-sound is more ''brutal'' more .....(i cant describe) it over germans one

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