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One hit wonders of goa


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I'm very interested in reading what you guys will put here.


I can think of a few and they are


Sandman - end of the world

Now he had some good tracks so wasn't sure I was gonna post this but imo that track is a lot better than his other stuff

The green house remix is amazing too.


Toi doi - replicant.

Exactly as above he had some good stuff but imo nothing like this.


Tarsis - atomic children (remix)



That's it for now I will return later with some more as my mind is drawing blank right now.

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Zerotonine - Lunatic. This is one of the best ambient track of all time and so hypnotic and unique, I have not heart anything similar from zerotonine, unfortuantely. I have not heart anything similar from other artists aswell, it is a very unique track, the string and melodies put you directly in a cold and rainy or snowy day in the alps. The melodies are like the snow on the high peaks , the string represents the steep and majestic looking rocks of the peaks. This track is almost scary and very refreshing, love it so much.


Other artists have at least 3 or 4 tracks, which are above their own average.

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Yahel has an extreme arsenal of tracks. Last man in the universe is one of the top yes, but there are at least 10 more I can list on the ttop of my head that are masterpieces t


Sun scream


Bizarre contact

Liquid paradise


La esparansa

Intelligent life



And more


But I agree that last man has a special place in my heart too. It's the first time I ever heard a synth cry.

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I've done some tthinking and I cannot believe anyone would put Yahel as a one hit wonder

He is up there with infected and has an arsenal of tracks that speak for themselves


Imo saying the only top track of Yahel is last man is just ignorance and i don't think you gave the other tracks a chance.

Cus Yahel got masterpiece after masterpiece

Not as good as astral or Simon but definitely on par with infected

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Pharagonescia did that incredible track Pharatropic, but I haven't heard anything else that interesting by them.


Hiscore Xor had two stellar tracks: Identify and True Freedom, and I think they'd have continued to make track afetr track if they kept making them but for some reason released very little material.


Proton did Brainfusion, an absolute voyage of 15:08 through squelchy acid and hypnotic Goa rhythms, but never lived up to it in their other material.


Charm had Brain structure, one of the most intensely melodic tracks of the era, but nothing else anywhere near as good.


Power Source did have a few pleasureable tracks, but I think it's widely accepted that Goaway is head and shoulders above the rest.


Datura's very old but still fantastic Proto Goa / Classic Trance track: Yerba Del Diablo.


Sound Pollution - Where, a very oldschool track that still holds it's own in sheer brooding psychedelia.


NDMA - Vitan. A standard of the best in Goa trance, simple notes but perfectly placed and developed to achieve that "trance" state.


Noosphere's hit: Carpe Noctum.


Cydonia - Animals, nothing he did comes close to this absolute stormer of a track, what a bassline and what an incredible melody.


Astrological - Tequila Sunrise, a very subtle opener to any Goa set that's simply magical, but never bettered by the artist.

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I haven't heard that track! The only other track i've heard by them is: 23rd Chromozone, which is good but not great. I will check that out.

Bro definitely check it out. Also check out his album when ur at it vector is pretty good too and a few others paradigm for example.

But different kind of fish plays in its own league

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