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Coming soon: V.A Memories from Goa Madness (Goa Madness Records)

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Title: Memories from Goa Madness


1: Ephedra & Omnivox: Into the vast dark ocean
2: Radical distortion: Overdose
3: Asmik: Initially
4: Merrow: Pray for Mars
5: Omnivox: Light up the sky
6: Radical Distortion: Ancient Aliens
7: Ephedra: Trip through the heart of the galaxy
8: Liquid flow: Psychoactive
9: Agneton: Jurassic attack


Artwork by: Neogoa design

Goa Madness records is proud to present their very first compilation: Memories from Goa Madness! Nine beautiful Goatrance tracks carefully selected by Ephedra & Kuririn. All the artists involved in this compilation played at some of the crazy parties organized by the Goa Madness crew during the last seven years. This project is dedicated to all the Goa trance freaks around the world and will probably fit every taste. Acidic & mental goa lovers will be pleased by tracks from Merr0w, Radical distortion & Omnivox that will kick them in outer space, while melodic & euphoric Goa lovers will be amazed by the magical melodies from Liquid flow & Ephedra. Even Nitzhogoa addicts will be blasted, the master of this genre: Agneton comes back with a crazy track filled with some supersonic melodies. Goa madness is also very happy to present the very first release of Asmik. A Belgian talent that just joined the crew. Just listen and let the madness surround & submerge you!

Previews available here: https://soundcloud.com/goa-madness-r...om-goa-madness

Get your copy here: http://www.beatspace.com/7751/Goa+Madness+Records/Various/Memories+from+Goa+Madness/detail.aspx

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AFAIK, Goa Madness is the name of party series held and organized by a guys who are behind this label. Anyway, it's cool to see another goa trance label and i like couple of tracks featured, especially Merr0w, Agneton and Asmik. Goodluck to all invloved tho!

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7,8,9 are interesting tracks, those deserved my attention, the rest was not special, but those 3, yeah! :)

Ephedra having awesome production skills...

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