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Mmmm, not so many Techno listeners here. Two lovely tracks here, happy tracks full of lov... joking, dark and mental techno on the way !    

hi   i'm currently getting more and more into techno and would like some recommendations. i'm not looking for acid techno, freetekno, techtrance, minimal techno and the like, just plain, real techno

Yes, I also - in general - prefer techno released in the late 90s until begin of 2000s. More driving and less minimal than nowadays and tons of top-notch producers around (Beyer, Krome, Stoll, Parisio

Yeah, that one is good - as in: well made ... although I think you can produce a similar effect by just playing Atrium Carceri and a heavy techno piece side by side.

I have to say, however, I don't like the dark vibe so much that engulfs this piece ... to me the noisy tracks are dark aswell, but they sound like the composer is still willing to live and change something in the world, that it doesn't stay like that - and be it only dancing ... dark pieces like this one, however, have a sort of resignation in the vibe - it feels like the composer has given up hope ... and that's what drags me down along with it. It's a personal issue though...

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i wouldn't necessarily play it when in a good mood and motivated to do things either. but on a rainy winter day tracks like that (or dark prog) fit perfectly and give me more energy. i couldn't stand bright happy morning music then. also sometimes i need some contrast to ö3 after work ;) 

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I'm not sure what this style of Techno is called? I find it extremely soothing. And somewhat abstract/perhaps psychedelic/shroomy? Forest Techno perhaps?  It's nice and certainly not too dark, somewhat enigmatic. :D Deep Techno/Techno according to discogs rather limited style definitions/ genre-tags. No idea how accurate that is, as I'm not familiar with the Deep Techno genre.

From the artists discogs page:

"Foreign Material

Real Name:

Martin Respaut


Foreign Material has been into music since his youth. After studying percussions at the Conservatoire and graduating in History, his interest in dark atmospheres finally led him to techno music. The spirit of his music is a mix of ancient myths and futuristic visions. A link between past and future, a conceptual music, mystical and cosmic. 
Co-founder of the label Norite."



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On 9/13/2020 at 3:20 PM, AstralSphinx said:


What year? Would've fit right in on the 90's Acid Flash compilations stylewise. :)

Its from 2019. :)

I like the releases of the Berlin based Label ISMUS. :)



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Techno got boring! Or rather I got bored with it. :D In a way I think on some level Techno really reflects the modern society. It’s cold music, often kinda non-emotional, not always I know. There’s always exceptions, but in general that is one of its hallmarks. The cold/dark industrial aspects. Which I think becomes a welcome escape for many from all the emotional/heated political drama in their lives/the news etc.

Techno is really good when you’re in the mood for it. But I never feel like it can give an equally satisfying experience to that which I’ve had with Psy/Goa Trance. The storytelling aspect is what I mostly miss in Techno, and any meaningful conveying of sentiments/experiences. Techno is basically gym and dance music. Very few if any stories told. Maybe some dystopic future story dunno. :D 

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21 hours ago, AstralSphinx said:

The storytelling aspect is what I mostly miss in Techno, and any meaningful conveying of sentiments/experiences.

I think, you dont understand techno. ;) In goa and trance the tracks stand for its own. Techno is more produced for dj-mixes. The storytelling is the work of the dj. One track is more a chapter, and the dj makes the whole story.

But you want some storytelling techno, here we go:





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