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"V/A - Galactic Discovery"


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Artist: Various

Title: Galactic Discovery

Label: Goa Galaxy

Date: July, 2013


01. Astralunka - Oniric Wild (8:15)
02. GoaAngel - Fallen Star (7:37)
03. Carbon - Enlightenment (9:08)
04. Structural Mind Engine - The Source (5:30)
05. GalaxyUnit - Dominators (7:39)
06. Shtrom - Electro Magnetic (7:54)
07. Somnus Inc. - In-Somnia (8:01)
08. Hybrid FX - Spirit Magic (8:13)
09. Cactus Arising - Our Destination (7:42)
10. OGO - Mystical Forest (6:17)



Ahhh...Bulgaria. When not marveling at the pristine condition of their many excellent highways and majestic mountains this nation goes largely unnoticed. Why? Well, according to WikiHow:


"It's famous for extremely beautiful girls who mostly act and dress like hookers."





Clearly the minister of tourism's ad campaign savy outside the box thinking is meant to target the horny male demographic. Which means all men.



Obviously being this close to Romania you'd think they could cash in on some of that Dracula money. But keep on walking with that bullsh*t says Romania. It ain't happening and I don't want to start a turf war.


Well one third of the country is in the woods, they are big into wine (and yogurt for that matter) and you can get cheap property. What's not to like? Couple that with all the hookers and I can't help but think opportunity is passing us by.


New Bulgarian netlabel Goa Galaxy is out with its first compilation (for free as well) bringing goa trance to the bagpipe playing masses.




"Grease me up woman! These Bulgarians think they know how to play the pipes!"



Like one would expect several styles are represented with varying degrees of quality. Got to crawl before you can walk. Ask DAT Records. No, don't ask Suntrip, those motherf*ckers came running out of the womb. While parts of it can sound less professional than the established labels, there is value to be found here. It sounds like a free compilation and some of the tracks sound amateurish, but don't let that deter you. Enlightenment is futuristic with great melodies and presence. It undergoes a change near the end that incorporates a folkish melody that works. Dominators is a solid old school goa trance track that captures the eerie quality of space (a theme the album is built around). And Spirit Magic is a churning descent into a black hole.


So all in all it's not all bad. I just used all 3 times in a short sentence so mark the date and remember where you were. Anytime a label wants to release some goa trance I'm interested in hearing it if only to see where they try and take it. The fact that it was free was icing on the cake. There are some good moments here and I hope they keep at it. But don't do it for me.


Do it for the hookers who travel those pristine roads.


Goa Galaxy



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